Do you wear kex?

The largest number of voters for any poll so far, I think. Possibly because it’s been up for ******* ages. I have to admit, I thought more women would go without knickers than men, but maybe that’s just in my fantasy easy-access world. Nice to know that the majority do at some time or other, though.

No real reason for the poll. I’m just nosy. And a bit perverted.

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So far San Francisco, New York, France, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic have announced or already implemented a complete smoking ban in all enclosed workplaces. Wales have said they’d follow suit, but have to wait for the English parliament to get off it’s ******* ****-scared pansy-arse and make a stand instead of being a bunch of wilting ***** too scared to risk pissing off a group of selfish bastards who don’t care about killing other people with their own bad habit.

What do you think? Complete smoking ban in public across the entire UK? Or should we all be forced to breathe other people’s disease-ridden air because they’re too selfish to care and too stupid to stop?

I think my feelings are quite plain…

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