Do you wear kex?

The largest number of voters for any poll so far, I think. Possibly because it’s been up for fucking ages. I have to admit, I thought more women would go without knickers than men, but maybe that’s just in my fantasy easy-access world. Nice to know that the majority do at some time or other, though.

No real reason for the poll. I’m just nosy. And a bit perverted.

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So far San Francisco, New York, France, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic have announced or already implemented a complete smoking ban in all enclosed workplaces. Wales have said they’d follow suit, but have to wait for the English parliament to get off it’s fucking shit-scared pansy-arse and make a stand instead of being a bunch of wilting cunts too scared to risk pissing off a group of selfish bastards who don’t care about killing other people with their own bad habit.

What do you think? Complete smoking ban in public across the entire UK? Or should we all be forced to breathe other people’s disease-ridden air because they’re too selfish to care and too stupid to stop?

I think my feelings are quite plain…

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12 thoughts on “Do you wear kex?”

  1. Freedom of speech does not and never has meant the freedom to poison other people. They’re free to pollute themselves and their own property all they want. It’s the fact that it’s one habit that affects those around them in such a negative manner that makes it so fucking selfish.

    Smoking in a pub is one thing, smoking at home around your kids is tantamount to child abuse in my book.

  2. I do feel however though; I am not a smoker and it really pisses me off that whenever I go out I am forced to inhale the other people’s rancid air, that they should actually have a right to kill themselves if they so wish…

    It would be preferable if us non smokers could go to a pub and enjoy ourselves without the bronchial effects the following morning.. or tasting cigarrettes when eating our meal in a restaurant. But freedom of speech is supposedly still in place is it not? and those who wish to polute should still be given somewhere to smoke preferably a sealed container at the docking yards.. might be an idea??? lol

  3. Well, now that Ken Clark and his paymasters at British American Tabacco are not going to be the next tory leaders then the legislation might actually get through the commons. However, since the introduction of the human rights act it will be much easier for people on both sides of the divide to argue that their human rights are being abused for either not being allowed to smoke or having people smoke when they are eating.
    I grew up in a house with a smoker (mum) and I don’t smoke (that’s putting one in the eye for people who think that you have a much higher chance of being a smoker if you have lived with one). I do think that smoking should be banned in restaurants and shopping centres. Out in the street I am not so bothered about. Tell you what – how to annoy everybody at once – Ban Smoking and Driving in all city centres – that’ll really get everybody annoyed.

  4. I cannot say more than I agree with you. Although it really doesn’t help matter when the government loves it’s share of the retail price.

    While they are willing to keep the cancer sticks around…. people will still be able to buy them and smoke them where they so wish.. [unless it is outlawed and made illegal] But even then we run the risk of even tobacco and suchlike would go underground causing possible more ‘drug’ related crime to get a hold of them…….. People need to be able to have their own opinion (JUST DON’T EXPECT US NON SMOKERS TO STAY QUIET AND LET THEM GET ON WITH IT) it is extremely divided, I know that if I could go out in public without having to breathe in others gasses it would makemy day go so much easier… but I doubt that day will ever come. Not defeatest, just realistic.

  5. Frankly, I’m pissed off with the number of smokers who ignore existing non-smoking areas. Football stadia are a case in point. Newcastle United mention in the terms and conditions of season ticket ownership that smoking in the seated areas can result in the non-refundable withdrawal of said ticket. There are notes in the program, tannoy announcements at half time and fuck-off huge signs up.

    Yet every game I’ve been to this season, I’ve been annoyed by at least one smoker and watched others light up right in front of stewards who couldn’t give a shit. Then when you complain you get “well – that guy over there’s smoking so why can’t I”.

    Because you’re not fucking supposed to, you cunt. Annoyingly, by trying to get someone to stick to the rules that could otherwise cost them their season ticket, you yourself become a social pariah. Fucking great, isn’t it?

  6. Going back and reading Dawn’s post above, near my work in Cambridge there are 3 non-smoking pubs (excluding the Wetherspoons hellhole), and they are pretty good for food and drink. The problem is that there aren’t enough non-smoking pubs around, so they tend to be looked upon as a niche thing.
    The government will never make cigarettes illegal as the treasury rakes in a massive amount of cash from tax. Maybe the solution is to have smoking zones.

  7. SP – hehe, class stuff! Would make ideal xmas pressies for some people I I know.

    Damo – in a bid to claw back the tax losses lost by reducing smoking, I say that anyone entering an NHS hospital for treatment for a smoking-related condition who has started smoking within the last 30 years should be told to FUCK OFF.

    My other half is a nurse and she’s seen some stupid fuckers smoking around their oxygen tank that they need to breathe, they’re that desparate. People who’ve lost limbs… but won’t quit. Some of these people are elderly and led into a false sense of security in the 1920s or whatever. But a lot started in the last 20-30 years when the dangers were well known.

    Their choice. Live with the consequences (or die – whatever).

  8. Meh. The tax problem’s easy. The income tax system, for example, is in serious need of revamp. If we, say, tax those under the twice national average less and those over it (much) more, I’m sure we could make up the shortfall.

    The only problem with that particular scenario is the convincing of those who earn more than twice the national average that it’s a good idea. They’re usually the ones who decide tax legislation in the first place.

  9. On the subject of bonkers inventions, I can recommend anything by Al Jafee. He used to (still does?) do stuff for MAD Magazine way back years ago. Great art and loony ideas… until some of them turned up in real life (such as his “carousel car park”).

    He did at least one article on smoking gadgets, including one item similar to the helmet mentioned. Then there was the thin plastic film embedded into the filter that expanded to cover and protect the lungs. And the heat-conducting spike that run up the cig and wrapped round the filter so the smoker could only last until their lips blistered.

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