Tuesday already… ah, no – Wednesday

Very late with today’s post. Sorry about that. I only got home around half midnight from Manchester and I had to wash all the blood, oil, puke, piss, and alien semen off. More details likely on Thursday. Late night again tomorrow (home game) so I might not get the chance to blog when I get back.


It seems someone’s released another of those pointless surveys over the last 24 hours. This one is a list of what we call our work colleagues – pet names, if you like. They range through “babe”, “pet”, “mate”, “sweetheart” and so forth.

The brief walk round the streets that 5Live did resulted in some seriously negative responses to this. One Scots guy was absolutely ranting: “What’s happened to the English language? I’m not their ‘mate’ – I’m ‘sir’ to them. ‘Can I help you, sir?”

Some people shouldn’t rant about a language until they know what the words mean. Scots Guy – go and look up “colleague”. These are the people you work with, you daft sod. I’d not expect a single one of the people I work with to call me “sir”. If I did, I’d be diagnosed with some kind of Napoleon Syndrome and committed.

Another girl said that she called her friends by such names, but would never dream of using them to work colleagues. Which says a lot for her working environment. I actually get on with the people I work with. I would – and do – go for a frink with them. I’ve had social nights out with them. Maybe I’m lucky, but I’d class some of them as more than just people in an office – they’re mates. Maybe not up the scale with those I’ve know for many years, but they’re a good bunch. If I didn’t feel comfortable calling them “mate” or “fella” after a few weeks, I’d start to think I was working in the wrong place.

Admittedly, I did used to walk into the office where I last worked and say “Guten Tag, Damen!” which used to piss off the Polish workers for some reason.

So where does that leave us? We’re not allowed to call people by pleasantly-meant pet names for risk of insulting them. So **** it, go the whole hog:

“Pass us the stapler, y’******”

“Oh, you’re here. What time are the other ***** arriving?”

“Hey – ****. Have you done that report yet?”

Is that OK for you, Scots Guy?


The BBC made a cockup on Sunday, at least in my book. The news headlines came on in the evening. Top story was Posh & Becks possibly considering legal action because the News of the World published some stuff by their ex-nanny. I’m assuming she said she’s bonked the Brainless Wonder, or something.

Oh, and second on the news, 15 people were killed in a bomb blast.

At what point did the decidedly non-private lives of two of the biggest attention-seeking morons on the face of the planet take precedence over a loss of innocent life?

Hmm. Sunday afternoon at the pre-broadcast news conference, I suppose.

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I call hardly anyone by pet names, and definitely not work colleagues. Even if I did, I wouldn’t use them at work, it would just be for outside of work.

Alien semen? Did they have big todgers?


I’ll have respect for ‘no talent spice’ and her other half doing that when they withdraw from public life. The are both rich enough to do so. They don’t need to carry on earning what they do.

He will probably say “I’ve go to earn another £100,000 this week because my career could be over next week”. Does he not know he makes more in a month or two than a lot of people will earn in a life time. There is nothing wrong with that but if you don’t like the attention, quit and get out of the spotlight

They both knew the businesses they were getting into when they started.


So I take it you went to see Gwar then? I really wish i’d had gone now, I want to be purple!!


go on then, I’ll bite & reveal my ignorance to the world – define ‘frink’ for me please…

badly dubbed boy

One of my workmates sends emails to all and sundry saying “Dear colleagues”. Behind his back, we all laugh at that.


I call most people at work “Chick” or “hon”, whether they are girls or boys…

The blokes at my current job call me “love”, but then they call each other “love”, or “mate”

To be honest, it really doesn’t offend me at all, and I’ve been called: love, honey, sweetie, darling, chick, babe, angel, all at work, at various times by various people.


I used to go out with an American lass. She came to stay for a while and got served in a local shop where the woman said “here’s your change, love”.

She thought the girl at the till was hitting on her. Good grief.

JJ: “frink” is Icantypewhenimfuckingknackered-ese for “drink”.