Today is "serious day"

Three main topics today. The first one’s for some advice.

What do you do…

Let’s take a hypothetical situation. You’re at home in your thin-walled house when you hear a horrendous noise like something’s just fallen off a wall. After a bit, you pin it down to noises coming from next door. Doors slam. Things get rattled. Voices get raised.

Amongst the many things you hear is the following conversation:

Female: “Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me when I’m pregnant!”
Male: “I don’t even want the ******* kid.”
M: “Bitch! Don’t ******* slap me!”
*sound like someone planting their fist into a side of meat*
F: “I’m pregnant! Don’t ******* hit me when I’m pregnant!”
M: “You mean nothing to me! Get out of my house.”
F: “Get out of my way – I want to go upstairs”
M: “No. Get out of my house. It’s my house, I can stand where I want.”
F: “Just get out of my ******* face! Don’t hit me!”

etc etc.

And let’s just say this sprang from a situation where F refused to give M a “blowie” and he stormed off to get more beer without saying where he was going.

Utterly hypothetical, of course. Because I didn’t see a ******* thing.

So the question is… if someone were in the situation where they heard such noises, what can they do? Sensible suggestions only, please. I’ve already rattled through a “wish list” in my head.

Racism is soooo easy

I was nattering to a good friend last night and the conversation turned to recent events in London. She has decided that all “Paki’s” should be kicked out of the country because they’re potential bombers, and in fact should never have been allowed here in the first place. The people who are currently under suspicion of setting off the bombs “aren’t even British” as far as she’s concerned. Even though they were born here. “Not proper British”, apparently.

Her argument? Would she be French if he parents were on holiday in France when her mum gave birth? Erm… slight difference. These people have parents (possibly even grandparents) who moved here and settled down. They were born in the UK, and held British passports. They grew up in the UK. Schooled in the UK. Worked in the UK. Paid tax in the UK. I’d say they’re as British as me. If you’re going to nitpick, at the very least they’re as English as me. My folks are Welsh and Scottish.

I pointed out these are four people out of a Pakistani/British population numbering in the tens or hundreds of thousands. And she wants to deport all if them for the acts of four idiots? Yeesh. Why not jail every doctor in the country because Harold Shipman killed some old ladies? There’s about the same ratio of him to other doctors.

It is so easy to fall into the frame of mind that the BNP would be grinning about. This is what those terrorist ******* want. Separate everyone. Divide our societies. Make us suspicious of each other.

They are in the minority. They’re staining the names of many, many good people. I have no problem with Pakistanis, Indians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or any other bugger. I have a problem with people who are ******* – whether they’re Pakistani *******, Indian kids with an attitude, Muslims who drive their cars past schools too quickly, white guys who mug grannies, chavs of any race who beat up their girlfriends…

Scum are scum – what they look like and what faith they are (or aren’t) has absolutely **** all to do with it. Nobody is “guilty” of being the wrong colour.

And finally…

Well, they always use that on the news for the lighthearted story at the end. Well, this better put a smile on your chops. Anni‘s mom went into hospital recently for an op to get rid of a cancer. Today she went home… and the test results show they annihilated the whole sodding thing. No remnants. No spread. Clean bill of health.

Now all of you go to Anni’s page and give her a hug. Now. Go on. She really bloody needs them after the last couple of weeks.

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badly dubbed boy

#1 – Call the police and report a domestic incident. Let them deal with it – they’re the trained professionals ๐Ÿ˜‰

#2 – Did your friend agree with you or just shut up? I do hate that … then again, my friends have heard you use the P word and I’ve had to explain afterwards that you’re not like that ๐Ÿ˜‰

badly dubbed boy

oh, and #3 – I’d imagine she needs more of a hug for dreaming of you for the last few nights!

Chris Parr

On point 2: I bet she is a British and proud of it person. Lydia’s grandparents are similar bigots in my opinion, only with them it is even worse. Her grandfather has often told me stories of how he was stationed in India before the war with his feet up all day because he employed Indian servants who would work for pocket change.

Recently we were all in hospital visiting Lydia’s grandmother. There was a Asian guy in a bed in the corner with anout 7 people visiting. Lydia’s grandfather then said: “Typical, the rules are you are only allowed 3 people to visit. It’s wrong when we have contributed our taxes all our lives for this treatment and he had been in the country 5 minutes and gets the same!” Lydia shot me a look and I bit my toung. The guy was only about 40. He could be third generation British.

Chris Parr


It was the British and proud of it attitude that Lydia’s grandparents preached in the days of the empire that has brought Asians to this country. Their generatrion invited them here to run our country when we didn’t have the manpower to do it ourselves!

I have no problem with that, but if it is a real problem for Lydia’s grandparents….. well they shouldn’t have shouldn’t have had such an imperialistic attitude before the war. Let us just say that very little respect (if any) flows their way from me.

A bit long winded that. Sorry ๐Ÿ™‚


suspect deep down you already know the answer to this one – call the Police & report it now – you’d never forgive yourself if something serious happened and you hadn’t…

but when it comes down to it, hypothetical F is the only one who can decide what she wants for her life and she has to take responsibility for her decisions – all anyone else can do is the right thing as far as not ignoring it


Ooh, JyJ beat me to that by just a few minutes! You should report it for your own peace of mind – and it is a sad fact that abused women stay to be abused, so she may even deny it when the police turn up. But imagine how you’d feel if she lost the baby? And you heard it?

And 2 – you are right, evil people are evil, it has nothing to do with race, creed or colour.

And to Chris – last weekend there were 5 of us turned up to visit my mom, even though the limit at her hospital was only 2 per bed. The nurses never said a thing, so we all stayed, but they had a ‘quiet word’ with my mom afterwards. I don’t see why that would be any different to Lydia’s grandparents hospital.

And Mosh – thanks!!! But I have to agree somewhat with Andy – I need some sympathy for all my dreams about you (which, incidentally, seem to have stopped).


1. The hypothetical person who heard things may hypothetically give the police a ring on a hypothetical non-emergency number later. His only hypothetical fear is it’ll be bloody obvious (hypothetically) who’s called them.

2. I’ve never had a problem with visiting someone in a hospital as part of a group. I think as long as you don’t take the piss, the nursing staff are fine with it.

Anni – hey, I’m bloody glad to be out of your head. I need sympathy for the last week, too! Although your frontal lobes were kinda comfy.

Andy – point 2, yes she did just shut up. So I’m left wondering if she saw my point or decided to just ignore it.

Chris Parr

I had no problem with the numbers visiting the patient. It was Lydia’s grandparents attitude that I was pointing out.


Sorry Chris – what I meant was that most hospitals would let people have more than the maximum stated number of visitors, kind of stating the obvious really. My parents are extremely racist, and your grandparents comments are the sort of thing they would say. Drives me mad too.


I don’t think my grannies are too bad, just ingrained. Being Scottish, they don’t go to the “corner shop”, they go to the “Paki’s” – but I’ve never once heard them whinge about “them taking our money and jobs” or anything.

My mum threw me once, though. I’d arranged to meet an American lass who I knew online. My mum asked if I knew what she looked like or anything. Actually, I didn’t – this was almost 10 years ago and scanners/digital camera etc weren’t commonplace.

“How do you know she’s not black?” she asked.

Funnily, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind. And even after my mum had said… I just didn’t care anyway.


Paki is still used in some parts of rural Ireland. I had a former flatmate from rural donnegal, who used it quite casually when talking about going up to the local corner shop. When I explained to him why it was like using the word nigger, he was horrified and vowed never to use it again.

My parents reckon that it was routinely used as nothing more offensive than an abbreviation for Pakistani, in rather the same way that the West Indies are referred to as Windies in cricket. However, the NF turned it into an exclusively hateful term in the 70s when they started daubing “Pakis go home” in dogshit on people’s doors etc. Sick.


I’m Scottish. I have an English accent, was brought up in England, support an English football team and to all intents and until I tell you otherwise there is nothing that tells you I am not English. But I’m Scottish. Because I was born there (and my parents are from there). If your friend met me he would assume I was English, and yet he assumes that these people are not, even though they were born in England and I was not. Daft.


Alan – you sum it up: “daft”. Nail on the head.

Ss – yet another use of a word wtolen by one group and ruined for everyone else. I’d like to “rescue” the word nigger. I don’t get why black people can use it to each other and it’s totally fine (like saying “mate” or “fella”) but if a white person uses it he should be strung up. Surely a word should be based on how it’s intended to be used and not on the appearance of the person that uses it? If *everyone* used “nigger”, it’d lose its edge and there would be one less word tha could be used to offend people. And that’s got to be a good thing.

Shooting Parrots

Re: the hypothetical situation, just let the bloke know you know what he is. Daubing the words ‘Wife Beater’ on his front door in white Dulux should do the trick.


SP – Tempting but:

a) saw them yesterday evening arm-in-arm all lovey-dovey. She’d never dob the little **** in.

b) not his house. They rent from the guy who used to live there who’s a mate. Yes, I’ve told him but there’s not a lot her can do.

I’m loathe to make it obvious I know because I don’t want *my* house smashed up by the temper-driven moron. And like I said, I can’t see her siding against him. Why why why?

Mind, as I type this I’m on the verge of ripping open their back door and forcing every last electrical component of his ******* stereo up his ******* arse.

Shooting Parrots

Hmm? Lovey-dovey? And I’ll bet she’s sporting a shiner.

Sorry, I have a sister who went through something similar, as in snatching baby daughter away.

I sorted it out and got the babe back thanks to logic and reason. Truth is, I wanted to smash his face in. Now I can’t because the pillock is dead.

Even so, the ‘right thing’ is always the ‘right thing.’

Keep the faith Mosh


No shiners – typically of a lot of these cowardly ********, he doesn’t seem to punch her in the face. Because punching a pregnant woman in the body is *so* much more sensible.


At least you can form a “letterbox” on his grave and, in true Scaryduck fashion, **** through it.