Harry Potter (no spoilers)

Anni's pussy
Anni's pussy

Normal service will be resumes tomorrow. I’ve just finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince so I now have spare time. Well, around coursework.

For the record, I have to say I’m not that impressed. For 600-odd pages, very little happens compared to what was crammed into smaller books earlier in the series. JKR‘s writing does seem to have improved, but this title reads more like an introduction to the last in the series than a story in its own right.

To make up for not posting, please find attached a piccy of Anni‘s hot pussy (her words).

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LOL – do you *have* to put every picture I send you on your blog?

Isn’t she a cutie though? And poor little bugger’s called Keegan! ******* geordies……


Could be worse. Could be called Kevin. She’d love that, I’m sure.


Also spent the weekend Pottering & agree, pretty much a set-up for the final book & am not convinced there won’t be some “reversals” of the Book 6 surprises…

Some of the descriptions of the teen hormones did make me giggle though


The couple who live next door to my folks have a cat called Kevin. And an aloof and cowardly moggy he is too. The co-cat therein is a calculating yet accident prone bag of fur called Megan – an excellent name for a moggy.

Then there’s one of my colleages who has three cats, called Twenty, Benson and Hedges respectively.

Regardless; Domestic moggies are evil and to them their names given by their staff mean nothing… “Fetch me more cream. And Tuna. Cream and tuna. Miaow.”


Well I haven’t got round to reading it yet, because i decided that i want to re-read all that other books before i read this one, so to refresh my memory. Thing is, i havent had much time to read so i cheated at the weekend and watched the 3rd film instead of reading the book!


Caz – Watching the film doesn’t count. It’s like readying every 17th page of the novel.

Carl (for ’tis you) – you’re right. Mine doesn’t come when you call her name. She does, however, respond to the sound of my feet on the kitchen floor and the scrape of a fork on the inside of a catfood tin.

Dyna Girl

Bummer. I was about to buy it yesterday but decided to buy foodinstead. A good decision, huh? Well, I still look forward to reading it just toi see. Ahhhhh, after Sirius dies can it ever get good again? Looks like I own’t rush out to buy it…


If the entire book was as jam-packed as the last 100 pages I’d be more impressed. As it is, it just plods. It’s interesting and imaginative, yes. Enjoyable, definitely. But just not enough of any import happens.

Unless, of course, the next book picks up on a lot of stuff that I’ve deemed irrelevant and makes me look a ****. Which I don’t think will be the case unless book 7 is the size of a volume of Britannica.


Of course, I could spoil it for by by saying ********** **** and ***** ***** ********* up the ***.

So I won’t.


Scary, have you got the Angolian asterisk version? If so, I’d pop back to Asda and swap it for the English one.


Well I liked it, because it answered a lot of questions and set up the story for a dramatic ending in the 7th… although if she doesn’t deliver that, then its all going to be a waste of time!


That’s my fear – that it’s going to be a big build-up to a letdown. She needs to bring back the style of the earlier novels (i.e. pack more in) than she has with this one.

But that’s the problem with such massive success – she is not working on a labour of love anymore, it’s a labour of contract obligations.

Same reason why most band’s first albums are the best.


I think she’s only contractually obliged to produce the 7 books. Apparently the story was already plotted *years* ago, so the only difference is she’s being paid a fortune for something she may well have done anyway.

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