It’s 2am. I’m still not asleep despite going to bed at 11pm. I’m too tired to type, so here’s a copy from the email I just sent to environmental health:

At 10:40pm, I went back round as I intended to go to bed at 11:00. He agreed to turn the bass down. Which he did. For 10 minutes.

By 00:10, my walls were shaking. I went round. He was initially indignant, but calmed down. His visitors, however, threatened to burn my house down and “catch me by surprise sometime” and have me “screaming sorry” while I was tied to a tree. His excuse? “Ignore him – we’ve been doing some pills and were just having a moment.” The person who threatened me is the same one who urinated on my back door a few weeks ago.

Half an hour later and the noise was again at a stupid level. I called his father to inform him that I was going to contact yourselves and the police. The police gave me reference number 91 and have said they will come round about 5pm tomorrow… that is, today.

Previous incidences have been minor in recent weeks, though on 2 of the last 3 Wednesday mornings, I was awoken around 2am by loud shouting. A Friday earlier, I couldn’t get to sleep until 1:30am as there was loud arguing. I only nodded off after they all stormed out of the house.

His defense is that *I* woke him up 2 Sundays ago doing DIY. At midday.

I am absolutely at my wit’s end and am *begging* for any help in getting rid of this nuisance. His letting agent doesn’t care two hoots and won’t even speak to me any more and I appreciate that the police have much more serious things to be spending their time dealing with, especially after recent events.

I have absolutely no idea where I can go from here and am seriously considering selling my house and moving out. One neighbour has even offered to let me stay at her house on occasional nights, but it all just seems like it’s up to me to adjust my life to suit him. Surely this can’t be right?

All I want is to be able to come home, sit and read or watch TV and go to sleep without constantly dreading the *thud thud thud* of his stereo starting up and knowing I’m going to have to go through it all again. In addition, I now have threats from a drugged-up lunatic to deal with.

It is now 1:50am and his stereo is *still* thudding through my wall. The volume is tolerable, but it’s constant bass thumping and there is no way I’m going to be able to sleep until it stops. The thing is, every time it does I just sit there waiting for it to start again.

ANYONE. PLEASE. WHAT THE **** CAN I DO?!?!?! Legally, please. And quickly. I’m not kidding when I say I’m at my wit’s end. I was almost in tears of frustration earlier. I don’t want to come home from work because it’ll all just start over again. Why is it so hard to just make someone have some appreciation for others?

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Damo – all sound, but I am (believe it or not) a law-abiding citizen. Yes, I’d *LOVE* to have the **** kicked out of him, but I’d not allow it. I know it’d come back on me either legally or in other repurcussions and it’s just not worth it. Sadly, the simplest and most effective solutions lower us to the level of the scum I’m living next door tom and that’s not a place I want to be.

SS – use of a recording doesn’t help much. It can prove the point to some extent, but is inadmissable in court as it’s not calibrated. The special recording units that the council apparently have access to listen “as the human ear” and also take into account low-volume bass racket, which is what I want.

However, I have spoken to the home *owner* and told him that I won’t settle for anything less than eviction and I’m prepared to take every single legal path I can to ensure that happens.


Hang in there Mosh. It is always sad when decent people are forced out of an area, it is the beginning of the end when the scum win. If people such as yourself leave, yet another estate is destroyed.

Geordie Mafia aside, Damo’s suggestions are good. Keep your diary upto date and perhaps see if yo can document the noise with a camera (discretely). It worked for that woman in Manchester.


I don’t recommend too much abuse. And DEFINATELY don’t say anything about committing a crime. The police will have you. One option is quoting the human rights act to the police, or as one of two last resorts – Speak to your local MP (they may be able to give you some guidance) or talk to the local press (if they can hear what’s going on then they will talk to your neighbours, get a feel for what’s happening and then they may print a story – that way the police and local council will get pressure from the general public to actually act.

or, you could put in a call to the Newcastle mafia (members all over the land) – maybe 20 annoyed geordies threatening to kill him might do the trick – and you can claim to have never been around when it happened.


I like the balaclava bit. What I really need are his two mates killed. He’s almost standable the rest of the time. But when they come around it’s “let’s **** off the neighbour” games all bastard night.

Sir Findo Gask

You got a camcorder or a web cam?

It might be worth getting some footage to help your case..

A friend of mine in Manchester was having problems with a fuckwit similar to your neighbour. He went round for a quiet word with him one night. The quiet word involved two mates, balaclavas and a couple of big bits of wood. They kicked the back door off the hinges at about 3am wandered upstairs and had a chat with him while he was in bed. They never had to hit him, apparently he pissed himself.

It sorted the problem out.

Now that is a bit extreme.

Keep a diary of everything, each time you go round each tiny little noise you hear, get some footage audio is good but video is better. Get on to enviromental and insist they give you recording gear to monitor this ****.

I think you can take out a private case if you have evidence, you could then call the local council as witnesses and challenge them as to why they have not assisted you.




man – so far beyond a joke – only hope environmental health can actually achieve something for you – and that the police DO something when they come round today – and don’t think they have more serious things to deal with, other things yes, but a key part of their role is to protect us from things we cannot protect ourselves from – such as harassment in any form. So it IS their job to help you and I really really hope they pull their fingers out on this. I can feel the desperation coming from your words so please remember that you’ve got friends out here – real ones & us ‘virtual’ ones


JJ – Thank you. S’all I can say.


Thanks to you both. I actually lost it in the car on the way to work this morning. The guy I was giving a lift to had to take the wheel and drive me in.

Caz – last night it was audible in the street as they’d opened the kitchen window. Neighbours were watching while I was at their door as I’d made so much noise hammering at it to get the little **** to answer.

I get so tempted to ring 999 and tell them if someone’s not there in 2 minutes, I’m going to commit a crime *just* so someone official will turn up and witness it. Thing is, that would land me in all kinds of ****, though I could get off with temporary insanity induced by sleep deprivation. If the previous **** is brought up in court I’m actually fairly sure I’d get away with it.


You know how I feel about events… and I am just so sorry I cannot get nearer to you quick enough!

I am sure I will speak for every one of your close friends and aquaintances when I say we will be with you every step of the way. I wil make enquiries today as to maybe some legal loopholes or something that might hekp you out.. I’ll get back to you via messanger.

Keep your chin up sweety!


you could probably file some kinda case against his friend for harrasment, particually as threats are involved. Can you hear the music from the street? or just when your inside?

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