Bush = **** (again)

Hey, I’ve not had a rail against this money-grabbing parasite for a while so here we go.

First off, he’s given the OK to oil drilling in Alaska despite it being in an area heavily populated by rare wildlife. This from a president who refused to sign up to Kyoto and help reduce pollution, emissions and – to do so – oil use. Who’s daddy, coincidentally, is on the board of a whacking big oil firm. Conflict of interest? Well, it doesn’t conflict when you can go ahead and do what the **** you want.

Next, he’s sending another 20,000 troops to Iraq. Hans has asked where he’s getting them from. Shake ‘n’ bake “instant soldier” packs? Or, more likely, the ghettos filled with poor black families who’s children can’t get work anywhere else due to the US education system being in a shambles? My money’s on the latter, for some reason. The blacks won’t vote for him, so they may as well be shipped to the middle east and shot by ragheads – then it’s the foreigner’s fault.

He has stood up and said he’ll accept responsibility for any errors in the handling of Iraq. Very big of him, since the whole world blames him for the whole ******* mess anyway.

Oh, and the US denies any bombing of Somalia. Except the ones on Monday. Because Al Quaida are in Somalia, so that’s OK. Actually, it’s likely because Muslims are in Somalia and as we all know – courtesy of the US scaremongering machine – all Muslims are terrorist sympathisers. I’m just glad I got out of Bradford before Bushy-boy added that one to his “to bomb” list.

Conclusion: Bush=fucktard trying to cram as many little games and money-making scheme into his final few months in office as he possibly can.

8 thoughts on “Bush = **** (again)”

  1. He must only have about a year left in office, so the world won’t have to put up with him for much longer.

    I wonder if he’ll get the Iran or North Korea invasion under his belt before he goes.

    One thing I heard that I found really pleasing was that when Clinton and the democrats left the White House, they went around and removed the ‘W’ key from every computer keyboard they could find. Little stories like that just make you smile 🙂

  2. When Clinton left office he also put into place a motion to permanently ban the sale of auto- and semi-auto firearms to the general public. All Bush had to do was – four years later – ratify it.

    He didn’t bother.

    Clinton may have played around behind his wife’s back, but he was still a hell of a lot less corrupt than Dubya.

  3. The thing is that he is trying to avoid having the legacy of “President who surrendered to Iraq” plastered on his tombstone. Once he is out of office you can guarantee that he will be the first to say “at least I didn’t pull US soldiers out of Iraq”.
    Have a look on Michael Moore’s website. In his letter it says (paraphrasing here) “send over 1 US soldier for every Iraqi citizen (46million or so) and just have them shoot everybody they can find. then it’ll all be over”. Obviously a joke but you can guarantee that it’ll probably occur to one of the neo-conservative rabid nutters who whispers in bush’s ear that he can start attacking anybody he wants.
    In his speech he did single out Syria and Iran for threats, just a day after taking some Iranian diplomats prisoner (in clear flouting of international law). The US is about to unleash a massive holy war of reprisal and revenge if they attack Iran or Syria. And who are the nearest targets to Iran and Syria in terms of the coalistion of the willing? The UK. ****, maybe it’s time to emigrate to the moon?

    on a lighter note, take a look at ww.stephenhawkingsings.com – total genius.

  4. Damo – one of many reasons I’m looking at NZ. They’ve not sent any troops to Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere. Nor do I think they will. Simply because they realise it’s not their ******* problem to get involved. Oh, and their PM is a scary-looking woman you wouldn’t **** with – kind of like we had in the 80’s…

  5. “Shake ‘n’ bake “instant soldier” packs?”
    Wonderful 🙂

    Remember that palce in Cuba… the one illegal under every international treaty… it was opened 5 years ago on Thursday. And, somehow, it’s still going strong… How?

    Why are people so silent about Iraq, in both the US and the UK? Where are the on-street demonstrations. Is it apathy? Or fear of being labelled a troublemaker and put inside on trumped up charges?

  6. BW – not that you’re going for the whole conspiracy theory angle… But it also galls me that the US go on and on about human rights and how to make countries better when they can’t even manage their own elections properly, their government is corrupt as all hell and they’re the only western nation still to have the death penalty.

    Glass houses… throwing stones…

  7. hey, don’t get me started on Guantanamo Bay. It still makes my skin crawl to see that the US still gets away with torture and mayhem in the modern age. on a light note, the Toon lost 5-1 to Brum City in the cup. I am truly pissed off tonight.

  8. Guantanamo Bay – keeps trap shut

    Footie – yes, I just read on NUFC.com. Good grief. We really tun hot and cold, don’t we! I watched the Spurs game and it was a complete cracker. If we’d have lost it 3-2 I’d still have enjoyed it. And then we get our areses whupped by the Brummies on live telly. Yeesh.

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