A new beginning?

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One out, one in

Today is – I hope – a great day. After eight years of utter madness, a lunatic will hand over the reigns of power to someone who seems to actually be intelligent. Finally, finally, George Bush will leave the office of President of the United States. This day could not have come soon enough.

My impressions of Obama are good, but I’m always wary. One thing he’s certainly doing is living up to his promises of “change”. Guantanamo Bay will begin the shutdown procedure during his first week in office. This alone is a huge step in international relations as it was a clever loophole that avoided the Gevena Convention.

I only hope such things aren’t a little gloss on his first few weeks and that he doesn’t sink into the usual nonsense we’re used to from politicians.

Bush’s final speeches have been full of hyperbole and nonsense, either ignoring or twisting virtually everything he’s done over the last eight years. According to them, he’s overcome problems and managed a surprising number of achievements. No mention of the fact that he’d not have had to overcome so many of these issues if he’s not caused them in the first place.

But let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s hope for the future. I’m very happy to see a new face in the White House, especially one that’s come pretty much from left field. Obama seems genuinely intelligent and pretty honest – and also very keen to stamp his mark in a good way.

I wish him the best. Both out of relief and out of hope and partly out of belief. And I thank America for voting him in. It’s making me genuinely happy to see someone who’s at least not an obvious idiot in the most powerful office in the world.

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Must move on

George W. Bush speaks at a campaign rally in 2004.Grade “A” Fuckwit

I fly into Bangkok on August 1st. Leah leaves on the 3rd. I have to leave before the 6th? Why? Because George W Bush is visiting the city for two days on the 6th and the 7th. And if I don’t leave, I’ll likely end up being arrested for throwing poo at him. Or at the very least trying to get on telly with a huge sign saying “**** OFF YOU ****”.

Too little, too late you retarded dwarf. There’s no point trying to make friends now you’re about to drop out of office. Pretty much the whole world hates your guts. Deal with it. Sucking arse for a few weeks won’t change anything.

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Oooooh, just **** OFF you little ****!

Sorry for the outburst, but Bush is opening his stupid ******* mouth again and once more has raised my ire. Some brief bits from his statement mentioned in a BBC News article include statements on Darfur and on the Olympics.

Not entering Darfur "partly not to send troops into another Muslim country", my arse. It’s because there’s no ******* oil there so he’s not bothered about it. If he’s not interested in invading another Muslim country when why is there such tension surrounding the possibility of them storming into Iran? Lying bastard.

As to him telling the Chinese Prime Minister that China could be doing more to help the problems in Darfur… People in glass houses, George – you dozy ****.

******* hurry up January when they get rid of this pathetic puppet.

Al Qaeda make sense shock horror

I’m going to get banned from the US forever for this, but I can’t be arsed with their immigration anyway, so here goes… Al Queda want the Middle East to greet Bush with bombs when he arrives next week. Great idea. If as little ******* late.

Will someone explain how this little fuckwad has been in charge of the US for almost 8 years and nobody’s actually tried to shoot him yet? Given that less dangerous/damaging presidents have been shot in the past, how come he’s got away with it?

There is no justice.

If I disappear, please address future mails to Guantanamo. I think I’d look pretty cool in an orange jumpsuit.

Bush = **** (again)

Hey, I’ve not had a rail against this money-grabbing parasite for a while so here we go.

First off, he’s given the OK to oil drilling in Alaska despite it being in an area heavily populated by rare wildlife. This from a president who refused to sign up to Kyoto and help reduce pollution, emissions and – to do so – oil use. Who’s daddy, coincidentally, is on the board of a whacking big oil firm. Conflict of interest? Well, it doesn’t conflict when you can go ahead and do what the **** you want.

Next, he’s sending another 20,000 troops to Iraq. Hans has asked where he’s getting them from. Shake ‘n’ bake “instant soldier” packs? Or, more likely, the ghettos filled with poor black families who’s children can’t get work anywhere else due to the US education system being in a shambles? My money’s on the latter, for some reason. The blacks won’t vote for him, so they may as well be shipped to the middle east and shot by ragheads – then it’s the foreigner’s fault.

He has stood up and said he’ll accept responsibility for any errors in the handling of Iraq. Very big of him, since the whole world blames him for the whole ******* mess anyway.

Oh, and the US denies any bombing of Somalia. Except the ones on Monday. Because Al Quaida are in Somalia, so that’s OK. Actually, it’s likely because Muslims are in Somalia and as we all know – courtesy of the US scaremongering machine – all Muslims are terrorist sympathisers. I’m just glad I got out of Bradford before Bushy-boy added that one to his “to bomb” list.

Conclusion: Bush=fucktard trying to cram as many little games and money-making scheme into his final few months in office as he possibly can.