Situation update and some begging

I am in Nice, France. Tomorrow I’m off hiking for three days with Delphine during which time I’ll by uncontactable except (possibly) by mobile. Hence I’m hoping to get the blog updated tonight around sending all the begging letters for the 1000 Mile Walk. And upload all my photos. And other stuff.

Fingers crossed.

Also, I’d like to ask another favour. You lot did it before and I’m sure you can do it again. Previously it was a school roof ripped off in a storm. This time it’s three kids who considered dropping out of school to help their one employed brother pay off their deceased father’s medical bills. Please pop over to the Blue Dragon Blog for more information.
Post Script: (word for word from Michael) We’ve done it! Enough money has been donated to the boys! And I’m the lucky guy to tell them on Saturday morning! Thank you, blog world… – Friday 12.21 pm

Thanks in advance.

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