Rhino Car Hire – thank you!

A slightly sideways post this one. I have been dealing with Scott from Rhino Car Hire over the last few days. He came across the 1000 Mile Walk site, and has made a very generous donation to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. I know that site doesn’t get the traffic it did, so I would like to post this quick message here for him.

Look at it this way – every time you rent a car from Rhino, a small amount of the proceeds will be winging its way to Michael and the kids in Vietnam. And Rhino’s prices seem pretty reasonable to me as well. You can’t go wrong!

Again, a massive “thank you” on behalf of BDCF to Scott and his wife, Julie. If I ever get to Cyprus I may well look you up!

And don’t forget, folks, Blue Dragon can always make use of any spare cash you have kicking about. Please, please click on the link above and check out the instructions for donations. Unlike “western” charities, their administration costs are around 10-15% of the money brought in. So well over three quarters of the money raised will go directly to the projects that need it. That’s pretty much a complete reversal of the figures of most charities run over here.

In addition, don’t forget to check out the instructions if you’re donating from the US or Australia which will allow your cash to be passed over with tax exemption.

I’m off to school again tomorrow and then to Geneva on Sunday. More updates then.

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Which school?

Many of you know which school I went to and why I hated it. I actually got in touch with my old primary school before I started the Walk to see if they’d be interested in getting the kids involved. Sadly, they didn’t respond but my mum asked why I didnn’t contact the RGS and ask them as well.

Simple. If they picked up on it, they’d use it as advertising. I was doing something good and worthwhile. I don’t want that associated with the RGS.

The day I get arrested for armed robbery, while high on coke and with a dead, eviscerated, buggered nun in my car is the day I want the newspapers to mention in every column that I used to go to that shithole.

My mental state

Blisters. Ow.
Blisters. Ow.

Not good at the moment and mainly linked to my physical state. As a result of walking well over 100 miles in 7 days (doesn’t sound like much? Well, I climbed two 1000km high slopes and did 33 of the miles in one hit yesterday) I have the sorest feet in the world ever. In addition, my shoulders are red raw from carrying my rucksack, I’m tired from lack of sleep and I’m going mental at the scale of what I’ve undertaken.

7 days down, 60 or so to go.

Now, I know I can walk 33 miles in a day. This is twice what I’d reckoned on so I should be able to finish The Walk in half the planned time. Only if I walk that far, my feet self-destruct and it takes days for them to get better. If I only do 17 miles, then I arrive at some town with nothing to do all afternoon and evening at 2pm. I wait around for sunfall, find a place to camp (if I’m able) and try to sleep far earlier than I’m used to.

Then I wake up when the sun rises and repeat. I can’t carry a load of books as they’re too heavy. I can’t spend evening in cybercafes as it’s too expensive (if I can find the things). I don’t know people in the towns and most don’t have hostels, not that I could afford to stay in one every night anyway.

Plus, there’s a lot of people back home I miss like hell and I can’t wait to see you all again. If I could do this walk in a month, I would do. The worst thing would be to have it take longer than I’ve planned.

If I had someone (or someones) with me, it would definitely help. It’d be an adventure, a lark. But instead it’s just me (partly my own fault, I did have at least one person volunteer to join me but he was a dodgy-sounding guy from Ghana who was trying to get me to send forms to the embassy for him and stuff). You try walking for 33 miles with nobody to talk to. Along a road so you can’t read as you have to watch for traffic. When the only scenery is fields.

What the hell have I set myself up for? I am now in Turin a day ahead of schedule – good. But knowing I’ll need to spend an extra day here to sort my feet out – bad. And that I still have at least 60 days left – worse. And I can’t realistically speed that up. Worse again.

Anyone want to walk with me for a few days? Spread it out between everyone here and it’d only be a day or so each!

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Sick of boobs?

I’ve spent some time in France, now, and they do indeed show boobs in a lot of TV adverts, most often shower products. Thing is, you then go to Italy and they use them to advertise anything from eggs to car wax.

Of course, I’m male so nothing can put me off boobs. Or can it? One joy of the south of France is that woman can and do sunbathe topless and you get to see some cracking norks out there. As I was plodding along near Menton on the first day of The Walk (donate money now or the aliens will kill you) I saw one particular woman stood at the beachside, naked but for a teeny thong.

She was ninety if she were a day.

Ninety and sun-baked. Wrinkled like a Plasticene prune someone had run the prongs of a fork over. And her boobs… not so much puppies as oven-dried, shaved armadillos.

I shuddered, I looked away. I looked back, just to be sure of what I saw.

This was it. Off tits for life. No more boobage. Gone. Wasted. Another fetish to hunt for.

Then I saw this really fit number with a corking pair lying down a few yards away.

*phew* Boob lust maintained.