Velvet Revolver – **** and greedy

Not only they utterly ******* ****, and one of the worst bands to play at this year’s Download Festival, Velvet Revolver have revealed themselves to be one of the greediest bunches of ***** this side of George Bush’s daddy’s shareholders. For the bargain price of $250 (in addition to the purchase of a concert ticket) you can attend a meet and greet with these fuckwits.

Seriously. $250 to tell them how **** they are and punch Slash on the nose for trashing such a promising career. It’s almost tempting but I’d not want to give them the money.

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Nothing to do with this entry, but as to our prior MSN conversation – one day, you’ll get a slap for comments like that!


You know, I wish I remember the conversation if it’s going to get me physical contact with a woman!


Y’know, I don’t think I remeber what you said, only that it made me want to slap you. Most likely something about my boobs. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Oh, and you’re apparently in 2000AD this month. I haven’t seen it, but one of the guys I work with has and is going to show me on monday!


You say that as if I always talk about your boobs…

And fantastic! I emailed Tharg a couple of weeks ago. Never expected to make it in so quickly!

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