Thank ****

Redknapp refuses Newcastle role.

’nuff said.

OK. Maybe not.

“Redknapp was Newcastle’s number one choice”: horse-****. He was the board’s number one choice. Obviously as they asked him and nobody else.

“Redknapp, 60, was immediately installed as favourite to take over at St James’ Park”: let’s make this clear as “bookies’ favourite”. He certainly wasn’t favourite amongst any of the fans or websites I know.

No offence to Harry. He’s a great bloke to watch on telly (not BBC, as he won’t talk to them), but he regularly gives entertaining interviews and he’s about as honest as they come (erm… except regarding transfers and stuff but that’s to be decided in court). However, he’s won nothing with Pompey and relegated Southampton in the last few years. Not the kind of quality we’re looking for.

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Gorilla Bananas

Managing Newcastle? I’d give the job to Michael Caine in the guise of Jack Carter of Get Carter fame. He sure knew how to make those Geordies run!


And his office is already completely vacant. They’ve still not demolished that bloody car park in Gateshead yet.


But who (apart from luring Keegan out of retirement) would be good enough for the Toon?



Feck, no. Not without experience either in lower leagues or through youth/reserves. Don’t forget that Keegan started with us when we were in the lower divisions.

My personal choice (pie in the sky?) is Morinho. He actually *won* something and is arrogant enough to believe he could do it again with less funding. In fact, I reckon he’s arrogant enough to *want* to do it without billions of pounds just to prove he can.

Would he come to us, though? Who knows. I’m amazed we asked Redknapp at all, though. Hardly speaks of ambition.


Yep agree, he’s gotta be at the top of anyone’s list and it’s possible that he could go to Newcastle for the reasons you’ve stated.

Good luck though and no more 6-0 drubbings I hope! 🙁


Martin Jol’s another I’d not say no to – also has a point to prove. Can’t do worse than we did in the second half today. ******* hell.

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