As I ranted the other day, the Premier League are planning a ridiculous 39th game a season played abroad. There is an online petition against this, which might be worth signing. Who knows if the clubs will care one way or the other seeing as they’re only looking at their wallets, but it doesn’t hurt to fill it in.

An email is sent to each Premiership club for every person who signs up. I notice that Liverpool and Spurs even have email addresses dedicated to mails received about this ludicrous idea. Taking it seriously, or just sorting their spam out?

2 thoughts on “NO TO GAM£ 39”

  1. I think it won’t happen now – too much opposition from the various associations. That said, it does sound like Richard Scudamore and the EPL will sell their dead grandparents ashes to make a profit.

  2. Who said he’d wait till they’re dead? As long as there’s a market for leathery skin and proven working internal organs there’s cash to be made.

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