Important weeks

I found out that the tail end of last week included World Book Day, of which I knew nothing at all until Leah told me she’d dressed as a witch to go to the school she works at. A shame, as I’d have plugged it on here to my three regular readers as something I wholeheartedly believe in. The reading of books, that is. Not the dressing-up of schoolteachers in witch-ey finery. I much prefer Wild West Whore or Transylvanian Barmaid as the costume of choice for buxom wenches, though I confess they’re not perhaps very suitable for primary schools.

This week, I’ve just discovered, is National Science and Engineering Week, something else I’d happily support as a non-closeted geek. I found out about it by chance when someone on the ZZ9 mailing list posted details of a decent-looking kids’ chemistry set. The supplier are giving free delivery this week.

I had a Merit one that got very heavily used when I was a nipper. Our old kitchen table had many bubbled rings scorched into the varnish by me putting the little metal boiling pan things onto it right from the Bunsen burner. It seems that Merit and other big names from the time have vanished in a puff of evil, rotten-egg smelling smoke.

Sadly, I have yet to spawn progeny of my own. The closest to a nipper in the family is my little cousin and she’s more of the artistic bent, going to dance classes and learning the piano. The risk of being ostracised from the family has meant I haven’t gone forward with my threat of gifting her a drum kit.

Her young age does mean she could change direction, though. Perhaps by the time she’s 10 she could start to show signs of being a new Marie Curie (without the glow). Then I could get her something which could melt the furniture. Whether this is better or worse than encouraging her to be a miniature Animal, I don’t know.

It’s just a shame that I’ve only just heard about these two weeks, and heard about both of them by luck. I read the BBC and Sky news headlines regularly and there’s not been a sausage about either.

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