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A lovely ridiculous story in the news this morning as some muppet in the government announces that a "Police Pledge" is to be set up. Essentially, this is to force police to do such important things, such as answer the telephone quickly, treat victims nicely and solve more crimes.

So, it’s another set of targets like they already have. Like the NHS already has. And teachers. Which are pointless, ludicrous and involve silly amounts of paperwork to monitor which prevents them actually getting out there and doing their job. I read a lot of police blogs, and also a handful of ambulance / ERT / emergency call centre ones. Across the board, every person blogging and all their same-career commenters are pissed off completely with all of these targets.

Simply, targets don’t help. They just don’t fit with what the job is actually about because the person or people setting them has absolutely no front line experience of the job in question and is only interested in making existing figures look good for their purposes.

What they want to do is appear good to voters by being able to say that their new figures prove everything’s getting better. If you want to know the state of law enforcement, don’t ask a politician. Ask a policeman. Wondering what the waiting time is for an ambulance? For ****’s sake don’t think you’ll get a straight answer from the NHS Trust – ask an ERT or a paramedic. Want to know the best way to give your child an education? How’s about listening to teachers rather than some fuckwit in an office in Whitehall who hasn’t been inside a school since he left at 16?

I’m sure comments will arise on the relevant blogs shortly, so here are some links. All worth a read:

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And to think that I did once consider joining the police force. And also fancied a career as a paramedic or similar. And I’m still passing thought about teaching. All three do appeal. But not in the UK. Not any more.

And footie. We won yesterday, which is good. Away from home which is better. Against Spurs which makes me even happier given the verbal diarrhoea expunged by The Proud Cockerel before the match. Thanks for the insults, arsehole. They only make you seem so much more of a loser after the 1-4 towelling we gave your abysmal squad. And let’s face it – if we’re **** what does that make a team who lose to us?

I also got an email on Saturday from a mackem *spit* fan who will remain anonymous. Essentially pointing out that Sunderland had risen above Newcastle and that therefore I owed said persona drink as I’d said this wouldn’t happen. My response:

And a Sunderland fan tries to bend the rules… as I’d expect. After all you’re run by a manager who’s idea of levelling the playing field is to break the opposition’s legs.

Checking the table as of our 1-4 away win at Spurs (you may remember away wins, though I know you don’t get them very often) which means we’ve *now played the same number of games*, we’re two points above you.

I spared her the reminder that Sunderland could still end the season holding the record for the least number of points per game in Premiership history, dependant on whether now-relegated Derby pull their socks up. After all, the mackems are the only team with two positions in the Worst Teams In Premiership History table.

Roll on April 20th…

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