What do we have to do?

View of the Sir John Hall Stand from the technical area at St James' Park

I’m in the process of downloading Match of the Day from a torrent site (well, if the BBC won’t let me watch something I’ve paid for via their online system, I’ve got to resort to something). I’ve just noticed the running order and – like back in the old days – the Newcastle United game’s tagged on at the end.

Now, I don’t know if we were any good or not, but I do know that we managed to come from 2-0 down to get a draw. So all the excitement may have come in the first half, but at least there was some. By all accounts the Wigan – Reading draw was incredibly dull with only one shot anywhere near goal in the 90 minutes. Yet it’s two games ahead of ours in the coverage.

There were some good games yesterday, so how come the boring 0-0 draw has a higher billing? Or is it the old anti-Newcastle thing again? Or is it just perceived on my part as I’m biased?

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Maybe because the Wigan v Reading was a relegation clash and the Hammers v Toon was a mid-table affair? Still some interest at the top and at the bottom of the league – I hope it goes right down to the final game!


Saw bits of the Everton v Villa game tonight – seemed to be corker!