Let them go!

Just catching up on the news from the weekend and I see that the police are mounting the usual efforts to prevent thugs and hooligans travelling to the Champions League final in Moscow.

Can I just say – on this one occasion – let the bastards go? Round them up. Give them free tickets. And beer. Lots of beer. Get them on the plane. Wave them off.

And don’t expect them back.

Let’s face it, do you honestly think they won’t end up in some stinking gulag for 30 years if they kick off in Moscow? You know, the kind of punishment they should be getting in this country only we’re too soft? We can’t do the job properly, so let our Russian friends show them how human waste should be treated.

Oh, and if they could lock up Ronaldo for being a smug **** as well, that’d be cool.

2 thoughts on “Let them go!”

  1. Nice idea – I’d have donated towards their flights over there if that was available! Not decided yet whether to watch the match tonight or not. Maybe I will until the first United goal goes in…. shame there can’t be two losers tonight!

  2. Just wondering how many of them were on that cancelled flight from Gatwick. Apparently it kicked off a little bit down there. I do feel sorry for some of them though. One guy had forked out around a grand for flights, hotels, etc. Ouch.

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