Nationwide niggle

I’ve got an issue with Nationwide at the moment. They’ve not done anything wrong. They’re just trying too hard to protect “me” against fraud to the point where they could potentially make my life very hard indeed.

Recently they sent me a little card reader. If I want to transfer money online I have to use this, in conjunction with my ATM card, to generate a code. Fine and secure.

Problem: when travelling, I take two cashcards – one for Nationwide (free withdrawals) and one for emergencies (Lloyds TSB). When in Vietnam a year or so ago, my Nationwide card was nicked along with the rest of my wallet contents. A pain in the bum, but all I had to do was pop online, transfer some funds to the Lloyds account and 3 days later I could withdraw cash from there.

Can we see a problem? The time when I’d need to transfer money – when I’d lost the Nationwide card – I now need the damn card to perform the transfer… There’s no option with this card reader. They send you it even though you’ve not requested it and then you have to use it. I think I may get in touch and ask them what I’m supposed to do int he situation listed.

Actually, I also need to try and find my Lloyds bank card. Eek.

2 thoughts on “Nationwide niggle”

  1. Apparently Barclays do this too already. Hope it’s not going to be the norm… sorry for spamming, just playing catch up as usual! 😉

  2. RBS also – my dad’s got one of their gizmos as well as a Nationwide one of his own sat here. No worries on the catchup. I’ve been trying to do it the last few days as well. And failed miserably. Got to be up in 6 hours to get to Prestwick for my flight.


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