PayPal Problem

Password (TV series)

Just curious… did anyone reading this get an email from PayPal in the last day or so saying there was a problem with their account and that access had been restricted?

I ask as I got one this morning saying that I needed to log on to remove the restrictions, which I did – by changing my password and security questions. However, I’m puzzled by their reason for forcing me to do this: that someone they suspected may not have been me had accessed the account.

Note: “accessed”. Not “attempted to access”.

Now, if they had accessed the account, why didn’t they take the small amount of cash I have sat there? And if they did get in, then why would PayPal suspect it’s not me? It’s not like a bank where they ask you for further ID once you’re inside and realise that the photo on the passport doesn’t look like you.

Had they hammered the login several times and not got the right password, then why make me change the one I had? It was obviously good enough.

But what’s really made me ask this question is that when I mentioned it to Joleen this morning, she said “I got a message like that yesterday!” – only hers was slightly different. The mail itself stated that they suspected a dodgy credit card transaction in relation to her account (again, no details at all) and for her to regain access, she has to fax them a copy of a statement or something. Which seems pointless as well as pretty annoying and inconvenient in this day and age.

So I’m curious… has anyone else had anything like this happen in the last few days? Because the cynical part of me is wondering if there’s really nothing at all wrong with any of the accounts and PayPal are instead just trying to look like they’re being secure by inventing problems that they’re “saving” us from.

Because I’d not put it past them…

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Cadbury Moose

Contact Paypal IMMEDIATELY and get your account reset. You’ve most likely fallen for a “phishing” email and some little scrote now has unfettered access to your paypal account and is busily sucking it dry.

Never EVER believe emails purporting to come from eBay, PayPal, or banks that ask you to verify your details or log on to anything at all. If in doubt, visit your paypal account manually: type the address into the browser so that you KNOW you’re going to the correct place – there are a lot of ways of fooling the web browser and disguising the actual address that a link will take you to – usually a high-quality copy of the real site that exists for the sole purpose of stealing your banking details.


Cadbury Moose


One here! Spoof (phishing) email claiming that a new email had been added to my account, click on link in the email if there are any queries…. Aye, like f**k I will………….
Checked my account through the proper login, no problems.
Sent it on to, and had it confirmed as a phisher, then deleted it.


sounds like spam buddy – stay away.

on a different note – I woke up in a dress on sunday morning after spending the night in a hot-tub with 4 members of the university women’s cricket team.

I am a bad man