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Eagle Eye

Rip the basic premise from Enemy of the State, shove in some lower-rate actors (and a couple of decent names that people have heard of), ramp up the action so nobody notices the gaping plot-holes and completely ludicrous excuse for a plot and you have Eagle Eye.

But, like most eye-candy no-brainers it does have its place. Sometimes you just want to switch off – and you have to if you want to overlook the multitude of problems that Eagle Eye has. As most of the film consists of things blowing up or being destroyed in some other manner, this isn’t a difficult task.

Plot in a nutshell: lead male’s twin brother (air force hot-shot) dies. Surviving twin gets home to find out he’s suddenly very rich, his apartment is full of stuff that points towards him being Bin Laden‘s best friend and the FBI want to have a very frank discussion with him. Obviously this confuses him. On the other side of town, female lead receives a phone call telling her that her son will die in a train crash if she doesn’t do as she’s told and pick up lead male after he’s made an insane escape from custody.

And so it goes on. The best lines in the film come courtesy of Billy Bob Thornton‘s sourpuss FBI agent and Michael Chiklis puts in a decent turn as the Secretary of State. Everyone else just plays it by the numbers which is fair enough – this isn’t exactly Schindler’s List.

Just make sure you don’t at any point sit back and go “but why didn’t…” a then the whole thing will unravel faster than that sweater you got for Christmas off your granny once the cat got hold of it. I would, though, like to know how whenever someone gets shot a dozen times in a film and survives, they always end up with their arm in a sling.

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