A quick “well done” to Cineworld

Not my local one, but I have been here!

A few weeks ago I emailed Cineworld to ask why they didn’t encourage people to re-use their 3D glasses. With the number of 3D films coming out now, it seemed daft for thousands of pairs of the things to be thrown away when they could be used time and time again.

Recently I noticed “recycle bins” for them appearing at the cinema. A cheapskate approach as it meant the cinema would save money by re-using them but not pass the saving on to the customer with a reduced cinema ticket if they brought them back in.

Lo and behold… on the recent newsletter I just got from them it states that glasses are now down to 80p a pair and if you bring your own back in again then there’s no additional charge on your ticket. I believe the 3D films still cost more to see (in fairness, they cost more to make), but you do save a little cash by recycling.

Well done, Cineworld.

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4 thoughts on “A quick “well done” to Cineworld”

  1. I echo your “Well done.”

    It is good to see something like this happen. Maybe others will do the same thing. (Since Cineworld is not on this side of the pond.)

  2. From what I can gather, Cineworld are also one of the cheaper chains. I have a monthly pass so I don’t pay much attention to the standard ticket prices, but I’ve been told that the Odeon is far more expensive.

  3. I remember Odeon Theaters from when I was still living in Canada but they don’t seem to exist in the US. And there aren’t really any discount theaters around here. The one or two they did have couldn’t get anything that wasn’t due on DVD in a couple of weeks and went out of business.

  4. I’ve got a semi-boycott on the Odeon chain as a whole since they opened a branch on the site of what used to be the Mayfair in Newcastle. I am very much one to hold a grudge.

    Cineworld vary in what they show and I’m lucky to live near the Glasgow centre one which gets pretty much everything. The one in Dundee (nearest my folks) was infuriating for advertising films and then not getting them in.

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