Bah, humbug!

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The true meaning of Christmas - these days anyway

Just so you know you’re at the right blog, my traditional Christmas greeting to you all.

Best wishes to everyone out there. I hope you all get the chance to be with your respective families and enjoy a relaxing day off from the rest of the world. Eat well, drink well and watch a ton of crap telly.

My personal aims today are to watch Little Cuz destroy 3 sapient pearwood‘s worth of wrapping paper, see both my grannies, have a decent bit of scran at my aunt’s and ensure I get to see Dr Who and the last episode of James May‘s Toy Stories.

Don’t forget – Christmas is for children. They’re the single best thing about it. So if you don’t have any to hand, just act like one. With luck, nobody will notice.

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2 thoughts on “Bah, humbug!”

  1. I’m a guy who was in a fairly decent mood due to spending xmas eve with his little cousin who’s both cute and awesome 🙂

    Thanks for hiding the spoilers on your blog, BTW. I could kick hell out of the people posting spoilers on Twitter last night. Big ending, huge revelation… and I now know a fair bit of it courtesy of one muppet in particular (most definitely not yourself).

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