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Yes, OK. I gave up and started using facebook because so many of you don’t bother to reply to emails or use Twitter. It’s all your fault. You all suck. Fine.

One (of several) annoying things I’ve found with facebook is that it will only let you publish feed from one blog on your wall. I have two that I want to put up there. I started off with one of them, which it popped up as “notes” well enough, putting the complete blog post up. But that wasn’t enough so I started digging.

I found a few feed “aggregators” which effectively take multiple RSS feeds and create one merged feed from that. Yes, I know that’s not the correct term for them, bit it does make sense. Unfortunately, none of them published the entire article. Instead they’d publish the first few hundred words followed by a “click here to see the rest” link to the original page.

In honesty, this did the job although I know personally that I often won’t bother. And I wanted people to read everything.

For the record, the aggregator I settled on was Feedoor which did the best job with the most ease. It’s also set at my favourite price point, i.e. it’s free. [NOTE: Mamod from Feedoor saw this blog post, replied and sorted out my feed from them so that the next step wasn’t needed! Please see the comments]

As luck would have it, I just found another website. What this one does is takes partial feeds from anywhere, locates the original posts and creates a complete feed from it. This web page is Five Filters.

Popping my feed from Feedoor into Five Filters generates a complete RSS feed containing posts from both this blog and my travel blog. I put the full URL given my by Five Filters into my “notes” page on facebook and *ta-da*, the whole shebang.

Yes, only a few lines show on my wall, but it now includes the images from the blog posts and it means people can stay within facebook if they don’t want to hop out to another page. Clicking on the article takes you to the entire blog post as a note within facebook.

A bit of a long way around, but finally the job is done.

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almost witty

Or, y’know, you could have used one blogging system, and tagged each post appropriately, and then (if you wanted) have seperate front pages only showing posts from one particular tag. 😉


Thanks for using Feedoor 🙂

Well, as a note I want you to know that Feedoor does not reduce original post’s length, it displays the whole feed as it is, your original feed descriptions is the same but then there is another element in your original feed that displays the full-text description which is
and Feedoor doesn’t extract this element by default, but you can enable that manually 🙂

Sorry for the confusion, this feature will be enabled by default in the next update, for now you just point me to your feedoor feed link and I will enable full-text feed for you 😉

Thank you again


Hey, sorry for the late

I just enabled all elements extracting fro all your feeds, now your feedoor Feed will display the same exact elements your original has.

As of how to enable this feature, just go to the “Sources” page, click on “Edit” icon of the source feed and then tick “Include All Tags” check box.

Hope this will work with you now, please test and let me know.


Great, Thanks for updating the post 🙂

Yes we are from Jordan, I’m glad that you already been here and liked it, many just don’t know if Jordan even a country 🙂 if you have any plan to see Petra again just drop us a visit 🙂


Man, I mean it 😉 so you’re welcome any time.

Must tell you that your self-promoting technique is working well 🙂 you got my attention, I even passed Jordan articles to read more and more, they are amazing, no choice except becoming a fan 🙂

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