‘Tis the season to be scammed

I’ve had a couple more scam attempts recently, so in a bid to make the details that bit easier for people to find online, I’m posting up a transcript of one of them. Anything to stop these thieves ripping off more people.

This one pops up when you’re selling stuff. I had it yesterday on Facebook Marketplace, but I’ve read about them targeting people on other platforms as well. Screenshot attached, and transcribed below so it’s searchable.

Essentially, they say they’ll send the cash to you with a Fedex / UPS / whatever agent to collect “the item”, but the envelope needs insured which you pay for but they’ll put that money in the envelope as well to cover it. Because of course they will.


Arnaud Jagoua

Hello, is this still available?

You sent

Yes it is 🙂


Arnaud Jagoua

Ok I take but I would like to come tomorrow but I am currently busy with work, I will send a FEDEX postman to your home to give you your money in cash and collect the item.

You sent

As long as it’s cash I can work with that. I’ll be in all day tomorrow


Arnaud Jagoua

I explain to you, an agent FEDEX will come to your home to give you an envelope containing your money, and once you have verified your money you give him the article so he can send it to my home.

You sent

Right, and I’m assuming there will be insurance needed for the envelope that I’ll need to cover?

You sent

I’ve reported you to Facebook and will ensure as many people as I know see a transcript of this so they don’t get robbed by you as well. I’m sure your mother is proud of you.


Arnaud Jagoua

do not worry because the 50 £ that you will pay for the insurance costs will be donated since I have already made the addition to you so as not to penalize the transaction which means that you will have the total sum of 150£ on your envelope Don’t worry you will have your money in cash From tomorrow at your home

You sent

Hahaha no. You’re a thief.

Arnaud Jagoua left the group.

Using RSS

Sick of facebook deciding what you get to read from your favourite websites? Wish you could be informed of every single post so you don’t miss anything? Then step back in time and find out a little about RSS, a simple and reliable way to keep on top of posts.

Of course, it depends on websites supporting RSS, but a surprising number do (given that it’s trivial to set up), including The Moshville Times. And this one.

I use Feedly as my RSS reader. It’s accessible via the web or an app. The free account limits you to 100 feeds, which should be plenty to get you going.

Alternatively, there’s the Vivaldi web browser which has an RSS module built into its email client as of recently, though it’s still a little clunky. Those of you using Outlook (the full app) can also make use of its inbuilt RSS reader.

There are others, too. A quick Google turned up this article which lists another four.

Once you have your reader, it’s usually as simple as entering the URL of your chosen website into it. The reader will locate the RSS feed and add it as a subscription. Worst case you may need to locate the site’s feed yourself, but it should be a simple matter of looking down the sidebar for “RSS” or the logo seen above. Copy the link and use that.

Then just set notifications, if needs be, or check your reader when you want to catch up. You won’t miss a post from your chosen websites again! No stupid algorithm, no 2-day delay until the site decides that it’s your turn to read something.

Facebook whingers

Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Fr...

Loving all the people who don’t like the new facebook “we can use your posts, comments and images in adverts” policies being touted, and who think that simply posting that “I do not give you permission…” etc. is enough to prevent this.

Sorry folks, by using facebook (for free, remember) you agree to *their* terms and conditions. If you don’t agree to them, then you can’t use the service. It’s not an “agreement” in that you sit down over a pint and discuss one-to-one how you’re going to use the service (for free) and then walk off after a handshake.

Facebook provide you with a contract to which you must agree to use their service. Part of that contract is that they are permitted to *change* that contract as long as they give fair notice (they seem to think 7 days is fair). If you don’t agree to the contract (in whole or in part), you don’t use the service. That’s the agreement.

Frankly, I think it’s a storm in a teacup. The example of usage they’ve mentioned is, for instance, an advert for a venue underneath which they may place a post from one of your friends who’s been there before. A post/picture you’ll already have seen as you’re on their friends list. They aren’t taking stuff you’ve posted to a limited audience (friends, groups…) and posting them publicly.

Get over it, or get out. Good luck gaining as large an audience or following on Google+ with its echoing walls.

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I support the EDL!

The _real_ EDL!

That’s right. I’m fully behind the English Disco Lovers, a small organisation which has set out to undermine the English Defence League (a bunch of Neanderthal racists) by stealing their initials and – instead – promoting togetherness and harmony through the power of disco!

Their first aim was to gain more “likes” on Facebook than the knuckle-draggers, something they succeeded in doing today. Pretty impressive given that they only set up the facebook page around the new year. At the time of writing, Disco is winning on the “likes” with 18,075 against the low-lifes’ paltry 15,112 or 18,050 depending on which if their two pages you look at. The latter, with the higher score, is a Wikipedia page whereas the former is the “active / official” one.

Anything that gives racists (especially those with very dodgy criminal records) one in the eye is worth supporting, especially when it’s done with no real malice, a sense of humour and D-I-S-C-O!

For more information, check out the real EDL’s page 😉 With luck, the more links and the more clicks, the higher up Google’s rankings they’ll get as well!

UPDATE (6th Feb): There is an EDL (skinhead bottomfeeder version) “community” on facebook as well, with around 38,605 likes. EDL (disco) has 19,982 as I write this. Get liking!

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