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Loving all the people who don’t like the new facebook “we can use your posts, comments and images in adverts” policies being touted, and who think that simply posting that “I do not give you permission…” etc. is enough to prevent this.

Sorry folks, by using facebook (for free, remember) you agree to *their* terms and conditions. If you don’t agree to them, then you can’t use the service. It’s not an “agreement” in that you sit down over a pint and discuss one-to-one how you’re going to use the service (for free) and then walk off after a handshake.

Facebook provide you with a contract to which you must agree to use their service. Part of that contract is that they are permitted to *change* that contract as long as they give fair notice (they seem to think 7 days is fair). If you don’t agree to the contract (in whole or in part), you don’t use the service. That’s the agreement.

Frankly, I think it’s a storm in a teacup. The example of usage they’ve mentioned is, for instance, an advert for a venue underneath which they may place a post from one of your friends who’s been there before. A post/picture you’ll already have seen as you’re on their friends list. They aren’t taking stuff you’ve posted to a limited audience (friends, groups…) and posting them publicly.

Get over it, or get out. Good luck gaining as large an audience or following on Google+ with its echoing walls.

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EXCEPT… it’s not a negotiated contract, and you have no chance to amend it, like that guy in Russia did with his phone contract. You hold copyright to your own work, and nobody gets to license your work just because THEY say so. You are free to add your own non-negotiated shrinkwrap terms and conditions to stuff you hold the copyright to, all you like. That’s exactly how shrinkwrap agreements work. Anyone can do them. Including you. Or me.

By quoting this comment you agree to pay a license fee of one pint of fine perry per year for the duration of its display.

Thing is, the onus to get you to accept that you are bound by that, and to actually force you to pay up, is now on me. It would cost me MANY fine glasses of perry in legal fees to even stand a chance.

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