120px-Film-stripJust a quick review as I’m short on time. Little Miss was off with friends to see the Mortal Instruments film, so I took Little Mister to see something shorter and more enjoyable.


“He’s gonna die.”

Plot-in-a-nutshell: underdog crop duster plane wants to enter world racing championship against all odds

See it if you like: Cars, Cars 2, etc.

A simple story that’s been seen before – lots of times. In essence it’s a cross between the two Cars films – no-hoper pushing for glory, aided by a retired/clapped out expert, globe-trotting scenes, well-known British actor in a supporting (not evil) role… there are more, but that way lies spoilers.

Visually, it’s excellent though nothing new. There is some good dialogue, plenty of lovely touches in the scenery and background. John Ratzenberger puts in his obligatory cameo.

It’s fun. Little Mister enjoyed it and left the cinema running along with his arms outstretched.

Don’t expect anything that’ll make you go “wow – I did not expect that plot twist” at any point during its running time and you’ll probably enjoy it.

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