Get out the placards!

OK, folks. Time for a protest. Well, time to think of witty slogans and to start picking up cheap flimsy cardboard and wood to make signs with. Empire is reporting that Paramount Pictures are considering making a 3D version of the Book of Genesis (story here).

So why the protests? Well, if Catholics and other Christian denominations can feel justified in protesting outside of the likes of Jerry Springer: The Musical, Dogma and Life of Brian then surely those of other religious backgrounds (or no religious background) should be free to protest a film based on a book that contradicts their beliefs? Or, indeed, lack of them.

Having said that, I don’t know if I can picture crowds of atheists surrounding the Odeon, getting a bit hot under the collar about a film that insinuates that the Earth didn’t come into being 10 billion years ago. I think this may be because, unlike mad religious people, they’re generally happier to let other people live their own lives and make their own choices rather than force theirs on everyone else.

[Note – I’m not painting all religious people with one brush, here. But, come on, there are some nutjobs out there]

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