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Bad Taste
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I was driving home the other night and this topic was being discussed on the radio. It got me thinking – what are my favourite on-screen deaths? The ones below are pretty much off the top of my head and beware as there may be spoilers. Well, usually someone dying is pretty much a highlight of some films!

Feel free to add your own in the comments (on the original blog post or on facebook if you can’t figure out how to use the real internet). I also found a rather useful website at if you need some inspiration.

The Town

A current film and an excellent death scene for Jim. His final confrontation with the cops is complete suicide, but done with remarkably little gore. Instead, his corpse lies slumped with two tiny bullet holes dribbling blood.

Bad Taste

Peter Jackson‘s finest moment as both actor and director. Kevin plummets through the ceiling wielding a chainsaw, enters the head alien’s head and (eventually) exits through his arse, covered in guts.


Several great deaths, but the best for me is Dillon’s as his detached arm continues to fire a seriously wicked machine gun while he’s repeatedly shot.


Not even shown in the film, but a classic bit of cine-lore nonetheless. Kate tells the story of how her father went missing one Christmas and eventually turned up – halfway down the chimney dressed as Santa, arms full of presents and with a broken neck.

Final Destination

So many to choose from within the franchise, but the best is still “girl hit by bus” in the first one, purely for shock value. The first time you see it, you don’t know whether to jump, shriek or laugh.


One of the coolest “superhero” films ever made, and craps all over that Twilight nonsense as far as vampire flicks go. The opening sequence is a pure delight and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched it. Pick of the bunch in where Blade releases the glave, it swooshes round the tiled area and he catches it… then a handful of vampires collapse, their heads neatly severed.

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2 thoughts on “Best movie deaths”

  1. Agree with the mentioned deaths but not seen The Town and didn’t see your spoiler warning in time as I just scrolled down – oh no! Why was it not the last entry!

  2. It was in the middle somewhere before Chrome crashed on me and I had to rewrite the whole bloody thing. It’s also not much of a spoiler – you can see the thing coming about 10 minutes before it happens in the film.

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