For those who think I only complain

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Well, I’m going to complain about the fact that you think I only complain. I’m going to do so by also spreading a little credit where it’s due.

Sad fact first: I’m 37 (that’s not the sad fact, though it’s pretty depressing) and I still read comics (that’s the sad one). Specifically the British anthology 2000 AD. It pops through my door every week (as does the Judge Dredd Megazine each month) and I own every single issue bar about a dozen of them. Not bad for a comic that will celebrate its 34th birthday next month. The current issue is number 1717.

Anyway, here’s the email I just wrote to the letters page. I just wanted to make sure that, even if it doesn’t get published, the creative team behind this issue’s Judge Dredd story get the credit they deserve.

I’ve not written in for several years, but prog 1717’s one-shot Dredd story “In Control” deserves an email. I’ not going to analyse it in-depth or waffle on. Suffice to say that I frequently enjoy the single episode stories more than the lengthier arcs, but “In Control” was one of the finest I’ve seen in a long time.

The Carroll droid (as well as having a most excellent surname – any relation to Newcastle United‘s number 9?) has produced something fast-paced, humorous and from a viewpoint which I don’t believe has dominated a Dredd story before. Fraser/Caldwell’s artwork fitted perfectly – I always like the wobbly miniature characters in Fraser’s crowd scenes – and Parkhouse is a superb crafts-droid when it comes to lettering.

It always makes this Earthling feel warm and fuzzy inside when the Galaxy’s Greatest manages to pull off something like this. After over 1700 issues, a story that still makes me go “wow”.

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Ya big comic nerd! 🙂 Not read 2000AD in a long time but used to like the Rogue Trooper stories.