Dying Fetus (plus Job For A Cowboy, Revocation and Cerebral Bore) – Glasgow Cathouse

Dying Fetus
Dying Fetus (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

[More photos on Flickr: Revocation / Job For A Cowboy / Dying Fetus ]

Four bands on a line-up for £13 plus booking fees isn’t bad by anyone’s reckoning. Especially four bands who are all well known, not just start-ups. On the other hand, when they play a venue with a 10pm curfew, something has to give and that’s the set length.

I arrived not long after 7:30, half an hour after doors opened, and could hear a band on stage. I legged it up, expecting to catch Cerebral Bore… but instead only heard the last song by Revocation. I can only guess that Cerebral Bore played for 10 minutes maximum as the first ticketholders walked in, or the doors opened earlier than the advertised 7pm.

Mind you, in exchange for being late I got sausage, bacon and beans for dinner so almost a fair swap.

Still, two full sets to enjoy – the first of which was Arizona‘s Job For A Cowboy. I don’t really know anything by them (pretty much the same goes for all the bands on the bill, in honesty) but they’re a decent act to see. Certainly the fans in the crowd went quite mental to a few of the songs and they had no problem filling the small stage. This was partly to do with them being crammed towards the front by Dying Fetus‘s kit being behind them, and partly as they all seem to be built like brick shithouses.

A good set, though the murky sound I’ve come to expect from The Cathouse. I was stood to the left of the front bar, so thought I’d be OK for sound. Not so.

Before Dying Fetus came on I wandered closer to the front and was pretty much against the barrier for their entire set. Hitting the stage at 9:00 on the nose, they managed to finish within seconds of the 10:00 curfew. Despite being a pretty heavy death metal band, there were some surprisingly light-hearted moments – most of them purely by luck!

  • Drummer Trey Williams mugs for the crowd almost as much as Maiden‘s Nico McBrain. I always thought smiling was forbidden for death metal bands. Nice to see someone breaking with tradition
  • The guy who snuck onstage, posed, and stepped on the monitor to stagedive… only to have the monitor tip forward and deposit him off the front of the stage, needing help to dig himself back out
  • The (fairly hot) girl who also snuck onstage… and stood behind John Gallagher, wrapping her arms around him before having to be “invited to leave” by one of the stage hands
Dying Fetus
Dying Fetus (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

Not what you really expect from a band of this ilk, but it didn’t seem out of place somehow. They rattled through a good variety of tracks old and new, playing maybe three off the current LP Reign Supreme. I actually quite like this one, finding it a little more accessible than the older stuff although it’s the classics that are always going to bring the house down.

To prove that point, the songs with the biggest reaction tonight were almost certainly “Skull ******” and closer “Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog” (class stuff, eh?)

Almost as soon as it all started, the evening was over. As I said, good value for the ticket cost and the bands managed to bring in a decent crowd, too. I don’t think I saw a single bored or disappointed face amongst them.


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