Turbonegro – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

Turbonegro (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

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I last saw Turbonegro at Download some years ago for the first and only time. I knew precisely one song (“All My Friends Are Dead”) and they impressed me. Good fun, simple songs – a nice way to kill 30 minutes or so.

When I saw they were playing Kint Tut’s, I thought “Why not?” and picked up a ticket. Glad I did as it sold out and I’ve seen people begging for tickets for all their UK gigs.

I seem to recall back in the day that punk bands regularly took to the stage to a chorus of “BOO”s and a torrent of bottles. Turbonegro like to call their brand of music “deathpunk” and attempted (very successfully) to maintain this old tradition by playing “Three Lions” before they came on stage. For those unfamiliar with this bouncy little number, it was the official song of the England football team during the 1996 European Cup.

Note: England football team. Note 2: this gig was in Glasgow. Scotland.

Needless to say, the natives were somewhat restless by the time the lads walked on stage to the biggest “BOO” I’ve ever heard since Daphne & Celeste bounced on in front of the crowd at Leeds Festival. Or perhaps when Bring Me The Horizon opened for Machine Head last year.

With a collection of songs which average around the three minute mark, their set list looks like a page from the small print edition of War & Peace so you get value for money out of them. At 1hr 40mins, they were on stage longer than the majority of acts I’ve seen in recent months and they pummelled out the songs (21 of them, in fact) with a small amount of very enjoyable audience interaction.

Turbonegro (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

I don’t know if they make the stuff up on the spot, or if they just have very weird script meetings, but the diatribe run off (mainly by Tom and Tony) is right out of Monty Python. It adds a nicely weird twist to a show featuring songs such as “Shake Yer **** Machine”, “I Got a Knife”, “Dude Without A Face” and the aforementioned “All My Friends Are Dead”.

The new album, Sexual Harassment, was dipped into a couple of times but they have quite the back-catalogue to play with and they used it well to fill their generous slot (oo-er, missus).

I can see why the tickets were in so much demand. They put on a great live show, really entertain the audience and give that little bit extra that so many acts are missing. Their wonderful attempt to get a Wall Of Death going in a venue the size of King Tut’s must be commended, as must their trampling all over the issue of sectarianism (damn right) by saying that all the Pope-chasers should be on one side and all the Proddies on the other.

Nice politically incorrect fun with good music to boot. And no stupid bloody curfew so the venue can let a bunch of drunk students in for their crappy party night.

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