UKIP – are they all racist and homophobic?

UK Independence Party
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A nice article in the Mirror outing some of the scum in UKIP (a British “UK Independence Party” which originally claimed to have the simple aim to keep the UK out of Europe), including some senior party members.

Douglas Denny from the Bognor Regis branch had the following to say about gay people on the party’s “Private Message Board”:

“I just wish they would keep their ­homosexual nature and practices to ­themselves and stop trying to ram it down my throat telling me they are ‘normal’ when they are not.”

He then complained to the Mirror, who published his comments, by saying: “Private forums and private posts should stay private.”

This raises several points I would like to make:

  • As well as being a homophobe, he has a wonderful ability to pick the right words to make it so easy to lampoon him. “…ram it down my throat”, indeed! Priceless.
  • I have never had a gay person try to convince me to “convert” or in any way try to change my mind about what is a private thing. This is because, on the whole, gay people don’t do this! Unlike certain organisations (usually churches) that try to convince gay people that they’re mentally screwed up and try to “fix” them, gay rights activities are pretty much limited to pride marches and the like which are a simple means of saying “We’re proud of who we are and happy to be that way, just leave us the hell alone to do what we want in privacy.” The only reason gay people try to shove anything (figuratively!) down anyone else’s throat is in reaction to being vilified by small-minded dick-weasels like Mr Denny.
  • Mr Denny has less concept of privacy on the internet than many 12 year olds that I teach. Claiming that a “private forum should be private” is akin to saying that “if I am chatting to my friends in the pub then I shouldn’t be held accountable for anything that a passer-by could overhear”. If you put it on the internet, don’t expect it to be in the least bit private. Ever. Keep your hate speech to lamp-lit conversations in little run-down houses with the curtains drawn where it belongs.

And I’m not even going to start on the likes of Dr Julia Gasper who reckons that gays are also more likely to want to engage in bestiality. Frankly, looking like her, the only chance she has of getting lucky is to find someone with a predilection for bulldogs with facial injuries.

Or the other member (un-named) who thinks that black people are more likely to be schizophrenic because they smoke more weed.

These people got 16% of the vote last time out? Come on, they’re so utterly hate-filled that even the Tories don’t want to partner up with them. That should speak for itself. When the leader of a party so self-centred as the Conservatives has a leader who labels you as “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”, you really should just give up.

Mind you, as a nation we can’t really hold out heads up high. I think we still have two elected members of the European Council who are also in the BNP. How the hell did that happen?

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5 thoughts on “UKIP – are they all racist and homophobic?”

  1. Newspapers, like the Daily Mail, is how.
    People read these rags, believe that they are news because it says so, believe that what they write is evenhanded truth and representative of reality because that’s what news is meant to be and they wouldn’t let them write it otherwise, would they, there’s laws about journalistic integrity, everyone knows that… and so they believe the country is under attack by evil minority groups, and hate them.

  2. Thing is, UKIP aren’t a racist party. It has a few arsewits in there with some very dodgy opinions, but the policy is anti-EU which is different.

    However, any party that will throw people out for not wanting to ban gay marriage *is* homophobic. It’s an anti-gay policy, if you don’t support it then you’re not in the party, therefore the party itself is hate-mongering.

    My other point holds for sure, though. If you don’t want anyone other than your mates knowing what you’re saying, don’t put it on the internet. Anywhere. Ever.

    That’s a message I’ll shove down anyone’s throat.

  3. Incidentally, for the final point re the BNP, I don’t think many immigrants (no matter if they’re new or third generation) are doing themselves any favours. As we both know from living in Bradford, there are a huge number of South Asians who happily play the race card to get out (or indeed into) situations – the riots and that taxi driver who parked on a double yellow line then claimed he was being arrested for being Asian to name just two.

    Yes, they’re in the minority. Yes, most S.Asians are hard working and keep themselves to themselves as anyone else. But the ones who don’t make up for it by giving their own people a bloody terrible (and undeserved) name. That kind of thing is just gold to the BNP, Combat18 and others like them.

  4. No UKIP are not racist or homophobic. If we were racist we wouldn’t have people like Winston Mackenzie or Julia Gasper as prominent (or formerly prominent in Gasper’s case) figures. What the Sunday Mirror expose did not mention were the huge numbers of forum posts castigating homophobic comments and statements made by the aforementioned members and the others named in the press. UKIP has a very active LGBTQ group and a number of prominent gay members, such as David Coburn – who happens to vehemently oppose equal marriage.
    You alleged comment about black people, scizophrenia and weed is amazingly out of context even by the standard of the Mirror’s report. What was actually mentioned was black people from the Carribean have a far higher rate of schizophrenia than those from Africa itself, and the question was asked whether this could have been caused by interbreeding during slave times ‘or smoking weed’. Not a very enlightened or sensible comment on the whole, but possibly of some medical validity – I do not have the medical knowledge myself to qualify such claims. All parties have less savoury elements – UKIP has in the past allowed people much more leeway than other main parties who censor members’ views to keep them on message. This seems to be changing – especially when people speak in an official capacity. I hope this does not mean that UKIP becomes like the other parties in allowing homophobes to operate under a secret veil and people elect homophobic candidates without knowing their real views. At least the people of Oxford were able to vote for Gasper knowing her distasteful views and were able to return a suitably measly vote for her!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Mike, and you make some good points. I did notice that the person who made the comments about blacks, weed, etc. wasn’t named in the article (whereas other people were) which struck me as unusual and did make me think that perhaps it was taken a bit more out of context than would otherwise be reasonable. In the interests of fairness, I was equally repulsed by the recent story of a UKIP couple who had foster children taken off them on the basis that they supported a “racist” party. That was utterly ridiculous. I deliberately left my blog title as a question to encourage debate 🙂

    I also like your use of the term “equal marriage” – I think that’s much better than the “gay marriage / normal marriage” terms and covers both more fairly. I guess it’s obvious from my viewpoints that I’m a supporter and I can’t understand why anyone would *not* support it (other than, predominantly, religious reasons it seems). At the end of the day, nobody would be forcing gay people to get married. I just think, as the term implies, that they should be on an equal footing with straight people. The choice should be there to get married or not, and once married a couple should have the same rights whether they’re gay, straight, bi, trans or whatever.

    I appreciate that the whole “social partnership” thing is there which does allow for this, but it’s a dividing line which stands only to differentiate people. And as I’ve stated previously, a party which is so strict on its viewpoint as regards “equal marriage” as to sack staff (or at least, revoke certain permissions or positions) for not agreeing with the party line on them does come across as homophobic – like it or not.

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