2019 Pic 100

Photo 100 and it’s a food one. Sorry.

I’ve been wanting to try Taco Bell for ages, but I’m too lazy to go into the centre of town where the other branch is. I happened to be at a gig at Ivory Blacks tonight, so I jumped at the chance to try out the new outlet near Glasgow Central. Essentially, they’ve chopped KFC in two, remodelled it and turned half of it into a faux Mexican food outlet.

It’s not bad. Something different from the usual burgers. It also looks quite pokey from the outside but there’s seating upstairs as well as the small amount downstairs. As with most fast food places these days, you’re greeted by a bunch of annoying touch screens to place your order. I spent two minutes trying to find the Big Bell Box meal I wanted on the menu and gave up – there’s a big advert for it in the corner of the screen, but tapping on it did nothing! There were no obvious box meals in the main part so I just walked to the register and dealt with a nice human being who made it all a lot easier.

A note for those of you who hate sweeteners in your drinks: all of the soft drinks in the fountain (you get a cup and help yourself) are chock full of the vile things. However, they have a stash of water and cans of proper full fat Pepsi under the counter so ask for that instead!

The food itself was served pretty quickly given that it was busy and it was… OK. I’d have preferred something a bit spicer and the fajita burrito especially was a bit sloppy and overly cheesy. However, as I said earlier – different from a burger. The churros, though… woo. I’ve never had one before. They’re delicious. And the sauce they give you with them (glad I checked as I was going to dip my chips in the butterscotch…) is lovely, too.

I’d not say it’s my new favourite, but it’s nice to have another option when I want to make my arteries scream.

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