2019 Pic 10

Not an easy one today. After working a very long day and getting home after 9pm, I was tired and just needing to relax and feel comfortable. Only things just got worse when I got in and I’m utterly bloody miserable. TheĀ only thing today which raised a genuine smile and made me feel happy was getting a hug off my kids before I left the house at 8am. Everything else can just jump in the sea (to be polite).

2019 Pic 8

OK, it may seem a little mercenary, but I usually struggle to find pupils to tutor. Maths and English definitely don’t have this problem, but Computing isn’t a compulsory subject. So I was rather chuffed this week to get two pupils, who live a couple of streets apart. Both good students, and I still enjoy teaching so it’s a win/win. Assuming I help them get good grades in the summer at least!