Dredd returns

Judge Dredd

News is now popping out that a new Judge Dredd movie has been green-lit. My first reaction was “Oh, Hell. No. No no no no no”. But that’s an obvious knee-jerk given the cinematic abortion that resulted from putting Sylvester Stallone in the lead rĂ´le and hiring a bunch of ******* who didn’t give a **** about comics continuity as script-writers.

For those more familiar with the Marvel world, let’s just say that the 1995 Judge Dredd plot was akin to having Spiderman appear maskless; his uncle still being alive; Aunt May being a lesbian; Spidey teaming up with Sandman (played by Joe Pesci for humour value); and killing off The Kingpin. Just ignore anything and everything in the continuity. It doesn’t matter. It’s only a film about a comic. Nobody will care.

The new productions company is DNA, fronted by Danny Boyle. Now, this is something very different from what Boyle/DNA have done before. Their cinematic repertoire is pretty good, but I think this is their first license. However… the main thing that makes me feel positive is that they simply won’t want the backlash that results after the first one came out.

Given it’s also a new company and a fresh license they can get away with pretending the first film never happened. **** know, I wish I could.

Credit where it’s due – the designers and builders who created the vision of Mega-City 1 for the original film deserve plaudits. Sure, there were differences between the comic and the film version but that’s akin to giving a new artist a license to tweak things to his own style. And why shouldn’t the LawMaster be able to fly? There are plenty of other flying vehicles in the Big Meg. Plus, those huge shoulder-eagles aren’t evry practical, even if they do look good in the comic.

Nah, that was all fine. But the script-writers should have been taken down a back alley and shown how a daystick works. Particularly the guy who though nobody would mind The Ferg’s memory being besmirched by turning him into an annoying Pesci-like sidekick.

Mr Boyle, the ball is in your court. I have faith in you and your company. Please don’t let me down like the last lot did.

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