2019 Pic 270

This little lady was up in the early hours and, as ever, said she wasn’t tired all day despite yawning a lot. While we were at Granny & Grandad’s she snuggled in my lap and 2 minutes later… Of course, come actual bedtime and she couldn’t / wouldn’t sleep, keeping on telling me that noises kept waking her up. She closed the living room door to “keep the noise down” and snuck into big brother’s room!

2019 Pic 265

After a fun start sorting out breakfast for 7 slightly hung over band members and seeing them off, the day took a downturn when Niamh was badly behaved (again) so wasn’t allowed to go swimming. I took Austin on his own instead and we had a great time, then headed back to the flat and watched a Fast & Furious film together. Nice to hang with my dude for a while, though a shame it was at the expense of his little sister. Hopefully she’ll learn one of these days.