New Toy!

After another hectic day in the office (ahem), I’ve customised and added a calendar to the Links and Toys section. On the left of this page, scroll to the bottom. Nothing in it as I write this blog entry, but I’ll fill it up shortly.

Oh, if you’re reading this from one of the archive pages, some time in the future, you may have to go to the main blog page to see the link as I don’t often update the templates on the archives.

The calendar is provided by BraveNet.

Unsafe irony

I pulled up next to a car on the way to work this morning – a Renault Megane. Now, this is one of the safest cars on the road, both to drive and to be hit by as a pedestrian. One of the first to win a five star Euro NCAP rating. So whoever is driving it should have a nice long driving life.

Only the daft cow sat in it lit up a ciggie while I was sat there. Fine. Buy the safest car on the road then just kill yourself slowly instead of nice and quickly in a head on crash. Great idea.

Where can I buy pepper spray?

This story is posted all over the joint (thanks to Andy for telling me about it) but I like Smoking Gun as they helpfully include leaked police reports 🙂

Sadly, I’m fully aware that if I were to try it over here I’d get sued and/or arrested in an instant. I’ll have to stick to threatening people with forced ejection if they don’t shut up. It seems to work, especially when the rest of the cinema joins you. And especially when the noisy sods are half my size.

Yeah. Sometimes I can see why I was bullied as a kid. The power thing does give you a buzz. I hasten to point out that I only do it when justified, though, and not for a giggle. I await the day when I do physically drag one of them kicking and screaming out of the door and hand them to security. But since as I don’t go to Cineworld or Odeon (both in Bradford) any more, I don’t seem to encounter the problem.

More weird ways to name your kids

Following on from the earlier bit about Japanese names for children, it seems the Western world is just… shit at it. We’re all a bunch of copycats, picking the worst places for inspiration.

OK, it’s nice to be individual. But, I mean – Chardonnay? Apple? Are these people angry at their kids and want to see them beaten up or something?