Beckham vs Beckham

OK, so David’s allegedly had two affairs. I’ve seen a photo of one of them and she’s a right dog. Mind, his taste in women obviously leaves a lot to be desired so that doesn’t make her any less believable.

Funny how he’s meant to have had two affairs and Posh hasn’t had any. Or is it? Maybe he is the only one stupid enough to sleep with her.

How @*%#ing much?!

I’ve heard varying details relating to this story. Some say it’s the Tories, some the current government. Some even that an automatic letter would be sent out fining you as soon as your insurance lapses.

It’s the last one that gets me. People change insurance brokers. They go from a personal to a company vehicle. They die. Sometimes insurance lapses for a reason. But it seems that they’re going the same way with this as they are with “safety” cameras. Assume you’re guilty first, scare the crap out of you with threats of court action or immediate fines and leave it up to you to prove you’re innocent. Or dead. Whichever.

Don’t get me wrong – people driving with no insurance are selfish scum, but part of me does sympathise given the current extortionate rates. I had a quick shufty online the other night out of curiosity and found it would cost a smidgen under three grand to insure myself on my current company vehicle were it my own car. Three thousand pounds. Per year. What a joke. No wonder some people take the chance.

Mind you, who is this scheme going to catch out (assuming they go for the “mail it to non-renewers” scheme)? Simple. Poor, innocent Joe Bloggs who’s simply forgotten to renew his insurance. It can’t catch the tossers driving around without it already as their insurance won’t lapse – the system won’t know that they need to be insured so it won’t flag them.

All in all, good idea. Punish them. More thought is needed, though, otherwise it’s the poor innocents who’ll get the thick end of the stick again.

Busy busy busy

On the road again the next few days. Unexpectedly off to the wilds of Shipley this afternoon (woo!), followed by a drive to London tomorrow afternoon. Working there on Wednesday and Thursday before skulking in the office on Good Friday. Isn’t every Friday good? Compared to Mondays leastways.

Monday and Tuesday off, then Blackburn on the Wednesday. Possibly Doncaster on the Thursday. Another London appointment on the following Wednesday.

No wonder I never do any DIY at home. I’m never sodding there. Mind you, better busy than unemployed. Anyone need a half-decent computer engineer? Preferably someone paying silly money? Go on. I’m house-trained.

NUFC 4 – 2 Everton

Well, we kept the home form going with a decent performance (though dull in the early second half) against a fairly weak Everton side. You can read all the details of the game elsewhere as usual, but I’d like to pick out one player for a special mention: Tomas Gravesen.

It’s not often that opposition players get picked out for good reasons (except Henry, purely because he’s bloody amazing). Gravesen, though, has shown sportsmanship above and beyond compared to far too many Premiership players this season, and a work rate to match.

Last season, he put in a red-card challenge on Bernard at Goodison, but got away with it. In his defense, both he and manager were trying like mad to get the home team to kick the ball out of play so that Bernard could get treatment. Referee Neale Barry, however, knew better and waved play on until Everton got a penalty. I seem to recall that he even let the penalty be taken before allowing Bernard treatment. But Gravesen held back and didn’t take ay part in the build-up of play after his tackle. He knew he’d done something wrong and didn’t want to take advantage of it.

On to today’s match, then. Gravesen was all over the pitch. Up front, in defence, mucking in in midfield – much like a bulkier, balder Dyer. One moment that stood out, though, was when he was on the receiving end of a crunching challenge from Bramble. Titus won the ball, Gravesen flew through the air and crashed down on his shoulder.

Many other players would have taken the opportunity to roll around, clutch their shin or in some other way try to halt play. Not Gravesen, Back on his feet within seconds and trying to win possession back. Quality, and more like the football we used to see before the bloody Europeans infested out leagues 20 or so years ago.

For every skillful and hard-working player, there’s one who’ll fall to the ground if anyone so much as breathes near them. Everton should be proud to count Gravesen as firmly not in that camp.

And it gets worse…

After wasting 4 hours yesterday, I had the system fall over after a comprehensive scan disk session today. Scan picked up *loads* of errors, and on rebooting, Windows kindly informed me that the security details were invalid and I’d have to reboot in safe mode.

Which I couldn’t do.

The details that got scrambled were mine – i.e. the administrator’s. So now that I’ve got back onto the system (reinstall over the top, seeing as I couldn’t use “Repair” due to the password being lost) I have a load of stuff stuck in locations I can’t get to. Or at least I did until I deleted the now “Unknown” user profile.

You’d not believe the amount of stuff Windows insists on installing in your own profile, when you want it available to all users on a system. Back out with the application installation programs *grr*.

Oh, and to cap that, I can’t download three of the Windows Update fixes which came down the wire without a problem first time round. XFM‘s online radio broadcast won’t work either, though I think that could be something else.