Crime and lack of punishment

Jail Cell
Not for real criminals

I happened to read two stories in the news yesterday. Each annoyed the hell out of me. Combined, they made my blood boil.

First up, a piece of Neanderthal scum who drove a car at high-speed in a chase with police. During this chase, he drove at insane speeds on the wrong side of the road with no lights on. He damaged police and private property. He killed one police dog (well, broke it’s back so that it had to be put down). He injured two police officers. Oh, and of course the car was stolen.

He was sentenced to two years… suspended. And 200 hours unpaid work that he undoubtedly won’t do, a curfew he won’t stick to and a driving ban that’s irrelevant as I’d be amazed if he had a license anyway.

Criminal number two is a radio producer (or more likely was) who enjoyed a bit of a fling with a few of his work colleagues. Thing is, he had a couple of cameras set up to record the fun that he didn’t tell his otherwise willing partners about.

When his girlfriend moved in (the story’s not clear as to whether he was seeing her during the flings or after), he dismantled everything and stuck it all in a box in the loft. Note that he didn’t blackmail anyone, shove the pics on the internet, sell the stories to the tabloids or anything. Nobody was hurt. Nobody knew.

Until his other half found them in the loft. And told one of the “victims”.

Now understandably she was a little shocked and upset. But to go running to the police over it and somehow getting him convicted on criminal charges – not civil seems a bit harsh.

Wait, did I say “convicted”? Yes, I did. 8 months. In jail.

Contrast and compare – have no regard for people’s property, safety and lives; kill a serving police dog; cause actual bodily harm… and walk out a “free” man. Be a bit of perv who keeps mementoes of private events which remain private… and get shoved in jail.

Can anyone please tell me in what way, shape or form this makes any sense at all?

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Jail cell in the Brecksville Police Department...
Make this a permanent address

I won’t rant. I just won’t. But check out this story on the BBC regarding a sick piece of shit who raped his two daughters over a period of time – he was found guilty of 25 incidents. They were made pregnant 19 times between them, gave birth to nine children (two died at birth) and miscarried or aborted the rest.

He systematically abused his own children, then used their own feelings for their own incestuous offspring to threaten them into not telling about it all.

A judge gave him a lengthy sentence, ordering he serve a minimum of 19½ years. Harsh by our pathetic standards, nowhere near enough but well done to the judge in question.

Only he’s appealed and had that minimum sentence dropped by five years in line with those imposed for “serious murder“.

I won’t get into how rape compares to murder. How removing one’s life can be worse or not as bad as destroying what remains of it. How 19½ years isn’t long enough in the first place. How any murder can’t be “serious”. How raising the minimum for “serious murder” would be a better idea rather than lowering other sentences to match.

I just won’t. Because I don’t need to. Because any right-minded person knows all this already.

What galls me is how the system doesn’t seem to be run by right-minded people.

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I can’t remember if I’ve posted about this site before, but it’s been updated and revamped so it deserves a mention regardless.

Immobilise ( in the U.S.) is an initiative to help track down all your stuff if it gets nicked. You enter the make, model, serial number and upload photos. If you get robbed, you can use it to block your phone and also inform the police and second hand trade of the items stolen.

It is free, and it’s recommended by everyone from the Home Office to the BBC. Yeah, it’ll take you a while to whack everything in, but think how much easier it’ll make things than having to dig out all the information if your stuff gets pinched. They even tell you how to find serial numbers on many common models of electronic goods.

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Mad sentences

Will someone please explain how this guy is being threatened with up to 45 years in prison in a foreign country for accessing a few files that weren’t secured properly, when scum on both sides of the Atlantic are routinely given piss-poor “sentences” or left to walk free after violent crimes?

OK, so he hacked a few government sites. He didn’t sell the information, he didn’t delete it, or blow it up. He doesn’t have dark skin or wear a turban so (in US government terms) he’s not a terrorist. Yet they’re prepared to pretty much end his life in a jail cell while murderers, rapists, child-abusers and thugs walk off with a slap on the wrist.

As ever, nice to see where governments put their priorities.

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Back for next season?

Joey Barton made 130 appearances for Manchester City between 2002 and 2007, scoring 15 goals

Well, it turns out that Asbo (a.k.a Joey Barton) has been sentenced to 6 months for… well, being a violent little shit. Which is fine. Thing is, it’s hardly going to affect his footballing as the season’s over. And does anyone really think he’ll actually be behind bars for more than a few weeks at most?

At least we know that the justice system in this country is fair. Rich people get away with pathetic sentences the same as the average piece of filth off the street corner.