Ashley Out! (t-shirts for sale)

Ashley Out
Also available in white!

Well, that was a surprise. Not that Mike Ashley‘s stupid enough to sack a perfectly able manager, but the timing. I’d not put it past Ashley to do anything – the guy is a complete fuckwit. I guess he’s just proved to everyone, including the neutral press, what an utter and complete cockend he is, deserving no place in the football world at all.

Chris Hughton deserved better, and he’s been let down by a board as weak-willed as they come.

Still, in a bid to try and make something positive of the situation, I’ve whacked some “ASHLEY OUT” t-shirts up on SpreadShirt. They’re £15, of which £4.10 (all profits) go to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

Great present for any Newcastle United fan!

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Greasing palms

St James' Park, Newcastle
We don't need no - advertisements!

Well, despite over 500 objections being listed on the council’s website Fat Mike Ashley has been given the go-ahead to drape adverts for his dodgy merchandise all over a landmark in Newcastle city centre – to whit, St James’ Park. I mentioned the story a few weeks ago.

One wonders who’s getting a few free tickets for the executive l0unge in exchange for this travesty. And, yes, I am insinuating that someone on the council is corrupt. Much as I assume someone was getting backhanders to shut the Mayfair to allow construction of The Gate all those years ago.

Permission has been granted “subject to conditions” but the website’s down right now so the link to this information isn’t working.

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Back for next season?

Joey Barton made 130 appearances for Manchester City between 2002 and 2007, scoring 15 goals

Well, it turns out that Asbo (a.k.a Joey Barton) has been sentenced to 6 months for… well, being a violent little ****. Which is fine. Thing is, it’s hardly going to affect his footballing as the season’s over. And does anyone really think he’ll actually be behind bars for more than a few weeks at most?

At least we know that the justice system in this country is fair. Rich people get away with pathetic sentences the same as the average piece of filth off the street corner.

King Kev II

Kev - the Return
Kev - the Return

I can’t link to any news articles as none have been published yet… but King Kev is back in the Toon!

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. The football we played under him all those years ago was certainly the best in living memory, and he’s the last manager (aside from Bobby) in many years who didn’t leave under a cloud. There’s no doubting that pretty much every Magpie loves the guy.

Yet the Premiership has moved on. Back then, we were a rarity in having a manager like him coupled with a rich, spend-happy chairman. Now that’s almost par for the course. Plus it’ll take him at least till the start of next season to gather us up a squad of his own to play that type of football – unless he can find 15-16 Bosmans.

I look forward to seeing what his contract conditions are, and the term he’s signed up for. Not that those kind of things count for **** these days. Do I sound less than excited? I guess it’s just the way things have gone over recent years – I’m not prepared to build myself up for another fall.

Fingers crossed for now. And at least he’s a welcome signing. We know the guy, we like him and that at the very least will get the Geordie crowd behind us again.

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Sharon’s prezzie

Framed NUFC crest cross-stitch
Framed NUFC crest cross-stitch

As promised, here’s a pic of the present Sharon made me for my birthday. I’m sure most of those who know me know I don’t like a fuss made (I’m like Scrooge, only I do it for all celebrations. I’m a miserable ****** at heart) but how the hell could I not like this? It’s now mounted on the wall at the top of the stairs. If you click on the piccy to the left, you’ll get a larger one to admire. But I have the original so 😛