Ashley Out! (t-shirts for sale)

Ashley Out
Also available in white!

Well, that was a surprise. Not that Mike Ashley‘s stupid enough to sack a perfectly able manager, but the timing. I’d not put it past Ashley to do anything – the guy is a complete fuckwit. I guess he’s just proved to everyone, including the neutral press, what an utter and complete cockend he is, deserving no place in the football world at all.

Chris Hughton deserved better, and he’s been let down by a board as weak-willed as they come.

Still, in a bid to try and make something positive of the situation, I’ve whacked some “ASHLEY OUT” t-shirts up on SpreadShirt. They’re £15, of which £4.10 (all profits) go to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

Great present for any Newcastle United fan!

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