Hatebreed – Glasgow Garage

Hatebreed - Glasgow 2

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The weather sucked, but I still managed to make it along the M8 to Glasgow for the Hatebreed gig. The motorway was like driving on unsurfaced back streets. Only slippy. This country really can’t handle a cold snap.

Due to the low turnout – weather related – the gig was shifted downstairs from the Garage to G2. A smaller venue, but far better suited to a small crowd. It also means the beer was only £2.80 a pint, though that could be because I got there so early. Glad I did as well, as there was an early curfew and Hatebreed were due on stage at 8:30. I’d normally have expected a headliner on at 9:30!

The band kicked off with three songs off the current album which suits me. The self-titled Hatebreed is, in my opinion, their strongest overall album to date. Older albums have some individually great songs, but this one’s damn good from start to finish.

Over the hour-and-a-quarter, the band hammered out a ton of material with very few breaks to draw breath. Songs from the first EP were thrown in, as was a Slayer cover and load of classics.

It’s great to see original guitarist Wayne Lozinak back with the band. I spent the majority of the gig pressed against the barrier right in front of him. Courtesy of a stinking cold I really wasn’t up for the pit (though it didn’t stop me on a couple of occasions!). Hopefully I didn’t shower him in snot when I was headbanging. Regardless, I managed to catch one of his picks afterwards. I’m sure I already have one somewhere from a previous concert – I think the Machine Head support slot they did a few months ago.

As ever, it was a good crowd and as Jamey Jasta said – well done to those who made it for braving the roads. I’m sure there would have been a lot more people there if they could have made it. The hour-long drive from Edinburgh was nearer two hours so I doubt anyone much further afield would have stood a chance of making it there safely.

As ever, the security at the Garage were superb. It’s encouraging when you see one of the bouncers stood at the front of the stage, nodding his head along to the music! Barrowlands could learn a thing or two from the staff here. Like how not to be an absolute bunch of egotistical, steroid-dependant *******, for instance.

Definitely a band worth seeing if you like the hardcore side of metal. If I had to pick a band with the best lyrics going these days, they’d be at the top of the pile. I’d love to see them in a larger setting again, maybe a festival over summer. I can only hope!

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