The Butterfly Effect 2

I think I’m about the only person in the world who liked The Butterfly Effect, at least according to every review I’ve ever seen. This sequel, imaginatively called The Butterfly Effect 2, was a straight-to-DVD effort and it deserved to be as such.

As with many of these lower-budget outings, none of the original cast are involved. The basic premise of the original has been taken, applied to new characters and allowed to run for ninety minutes. However, unlike such sequels as the Final Destination trilogy (soon to be a fourth, I believe) or the Saw films (hell, even the first of the non-cinema American Pie duo), this one’s just not that good.

While the original actually had some drama and the whole novel idea, this sideways sequel is just bland. Rather than being an extension to the original in some way, it’s basically the same idea with different characters, but nowhere near the drama the original film had.

The acting is capable enough, but there are no real twists and the ending is about as flat and predictable as it gets.

Don’t listen to the critics. Give the first one a try. But stop there and leave this one sat on the shelf.

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