Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Volume 1

ACTION - Pulse Pounding Tales
ACTION - Pulse Pounding Tales Volume 1

Published today is Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Volume 1. Why do I mention this? Because I have a story in it!

It’s an anthology of stories based on action heroes. Harking back to the characters and tales of the 1970’s when political correctness was second in line to plot, explosions were bigger, bullets only caused flesh wounds in the good guys and everything screamed along like the finalé to a Hollywood summer blockbuster.

Authors include Matt Hilton and Stephen Leather, plus a smorgasbord of other established talent and a bunch of newbies like me.

It’s a bargain at £2.56 (Kindle only, I’m afraid), and for the first month of release Matt is donating 50p per copy sold to the rather worthwhile Help For Heroes charity.

Clicky links for purchase are as follows:

Amazon UK and Amazon US

Spread the word!

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Resetting the sync on a Kindle book

[Full instructions further down after my waffle]

We’ve started getting quite a few books via Kindle apps, though none of us owns a Kindle. I have my phone and Transformer Prime, Gillian has her silly toy phone and fruit-based pad, and Little Miss has her tablet too.

Thing is, the Kindle software is missing some very obvious features. First up is the ability to catalogue your files in one way or another – you can do it on the Kindle itself, I believe, and also on the PC and Mac applications. Not on Android or iOS though. This becomes an issue when you  have 150+ books and no way to organise them into something as simple as “read and unread”.

Secondly is being able to have several “readers” on one account. We read the same books and as there’s no reliable way to transfer purchased ones from account to account, we use my Amazon account across all the devices. That way, one purchase can be read by us all. However, the WhisperNet software always syncs up to the furthest page read regardless of who’s got there. Which means only one person, realistically, can read a book at one time.

I just encountered a further problem with this. Gillian got to the end of a book and told me it was now free for me to read. I went to start it and it was synced to the end of the book. There seemed to way to convince the thing that I’d like to go back to the beginning and sync at page one.

Amazon’s “help” told me nothing. I trawled the ‘net. One site gave two sets of instructions involving stopping syncing, changing page on another device, re-enabling sync and crossing your fingers. Neither worked.

Another said “ring them and they’ll do it for you”. Hardly efficient.

One comment pointed me at a blog post saying that you could now do it via “Manage Kindle” page at Amazon. Yay!

Only I went to the page and the option wasn’t there.

Then I tried going to Amazon.COM (rather than Ta-dah, there  it is.

I can’t buy Kindle books from even though the site will take my login details and gives me an account. It isn’t even polite enough to redirect me to the same title on the UK site if I try to buy it. On the other hand, it’s the only site with full Kindle book management tools.

OK, here’s the skinny. Go to and log in.

Select “Manage My Kindle” from the drop-down on the first page.

Step 1
Resync Kindle - step 1





Step 2
Resync Kindle - step 2








Locate the book you want to resync and click the “Actions” button to the right of it. Select “Clear furthest page read” and you’re done.

[update – just tried it for another book and found that Amazon US is now trying to force me to the UK page to manage my books – and only has one of my Kindle titles listed on their page. FFS, Amazon, let’s have some consistency!]
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