Action: Pulse Pounding Tales volume 2

Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Vol 2

Somehow I found the time to dust off my writing hat and submit another story for the second volume of Matt Hilton’s Action: Pulse Pounding Tales series. Volume two, once again, has 30+ short stories from a variety of new and established authors.

It clocks in at a low price (currently £2.05) for the page count and it’s every bit as good as Volume 1.

It’s available for Kindle (and associated reader apps) via Amazon in the:




Pretty please pick up a copy and let me know what you think of my short story!

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Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Volume 1

ACTION - Pulse Pounding Tales
ACTION - Pulse Pounding Tales Volume 1

Published today is Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Volume 1. Why do I mention this? Because I have a story in it!

It’s an anthology of stories based on action heroes. Harking back to the characters and tales of the 1970’s when political correctness was second in line to plot, explosions were bigger, bullets only caused flesh wounds in the good guys and everything screamed along like the finalé to a Hollywood summer blockbuster.

Authors include Matt Hilton and Stephen Leather, plus a smorgasbord of other established talent and a bunch of newbies like me.

It’s a bargain at £2.56 (Kindle only, I’m afraid), and for the first month of release Matt is donating 50p per copy sold to the rather worthwhile Help For Heroes charity.

Clicky links for purchase are as follows:

Amazon UK and Amazon US

Spread the word!

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Judgement and Wrath by Matt Hilton

Judgement and Wrath
Judgement and Wrath by Matt Hilton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great second novel from a a writer who deserves far more recognition than he’s already got. On the basis of the two I’ve read I’d put him up there with Stephen Leather and Lee Child – though Child *just* nudges it as the Reacher books are insanely good.

Joe Hunter is a great lead character. The background given to him in Dead Man’s Dust has been fleshed out a bit in this second novel, and the addition of a character biography at the back is a little like the aforementioned Reacher novels. Other than that, he’s a different individual with different skills. Unlike Reacher and Leather’s Sam Shepherd, he does work as part of a (small) team so don’t go thinking this is some kind of rip-off.

It didn’t get the full five stars only as I managed to guess one of the “twists” a good few chapters before it was revealed. Other than that, it’s a great book which ploughs through the plot without drawing breath. Even the chapters are an ideal length with that “just one more” feel to them.

I only picked this novel up (and the previous and following novels) as Asda had them on sale for a quid some months ago. Definitely worth the money and I’m really glad to hear that Hilton is currently working on the ninth episode with the eighth due for release in February. Plenty more adventure to go!

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