Let’s All Laugh At Sunderland

Roy Keane v Alf-Inge Haaland

A fair bit of this post is ripped from my comment on For Girls Who Can’t Do Football, which is worth a read. The original post dared to compare him to Keegan in that he’s walked out on us a couple of times. Cue rant:

Laughing at the mackems is easy, but doubly so when it also gives one the chance to take the piss out of Roy “cheating thug” Keane.

Frankly I loved the way Keane walked out on his national squad a few years ago… a squad which then got further through the World Cup than at any other competition in living memory. And not just without him, but a man short as he’d gone in his little pathetic sulk too late for them to replace him.

As for walking out on the team, let’s face it – he was either going to get sacked or be asked to leave by his little bum-chum in the boardroom anyway. There’s no comparison with Keegan. At what point did Keane ever have the mackem filth top of the table? In the Champion’s League? Beating ManUre 5-0?

Keegan is a good manager, though I admit not the best in the world. The two times he’s left Newcastle it’s been because of issues with the board, funding and so on – not because the team was in the crap.

Obviously, given that he hasn’t got a clue and seems to manage purely by shouting at people I’m sad to see him go – as the filth will likely only have an improvement in their next manager and that’s the last thing I want.

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Tuberculosis cases increase in the North East

el hadji ousseynou diouf bolton senegal
Dirty gobbing bastard

True news story from the BBC. Since 2006, cases of tuberculosis have increased in the North East of England by 38%. We all know that it’s passed through saliva – coughing and spitting are a huge part in spreading this disease. I expect cases to increase even further due to the arrival in the North East (though the shitter part) of one man: El-Hadji Diouf.

Given his history of gobbing on anyone who he takes any kind of dislike to, expect full-body hazmat suits to be de rigeur in the land of darkness shortly. In fact, expect Burberry to come up with a whole line to sell the the charva-infested wastelands.

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Roy Keane – **** of the first order

Sunderland A.F.C.
mackem bastards

So the filthy unwashed of sunderland beat us at home for the first time in 28.5 years. They celebrate by throwing coins and bottles at our substitute players, accosting our goalkeeper, invading their pitch and surging into the away end to beat up our fans. So how does their manager, react?

“We’ve finally defeated Newcastle on home turf for the first time in 28 years and I thought it was an excellent game. Nobody likes to see fans on the pitch, trust me, but hopefully the FA will go easy on us because the fans have to enjoy it.”
Sunderland boss Roy Keane

What a ******* tosspot. It’s OK that they were violent, thuggish, broke one policeman’s wrist and injured a police horse with a firework because they were enjoying themselves. Mind, we are quoting a man who thinks breaking an opponent’s leg is an acceptable way to help win a football match.

Roy, you’re a ****. A complete ******* ****. Just piss off and die, you dog-buggering freak.

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Down where you belong

The ****** gesture - fingers and thumb in circle downward motion

With the 2-0 loss that’s just come in against Bolton, it pleasures me to say that Sunderland will now finish the season where they belong – below Newcastle. Not far enough below, warranted, and in the wrong division next season but down below us all the same.

******* mackem scum. At least it’s another 6 points next season.