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First geeky post in an absolute age…

ICANN started selling new “generic” top-level domains for silly sums recently. There are the last bit of a web address, and originally were limited to the liked of “.com” and “.org”. They expanded to include “country level” ones such as “.uk”, “.ca” and so on.

The recent move is apparently the help companies spread their branding or make web addressed easier to remember or something. They also include non-Roman characters for the first time, which could allow those using different scripts to access the web entirely in their own languages.

All very money-grabbing, but the pointlessness of it was demonstrated by the example given by the BBC. Apparently Canon are one of the handful of companies which have jumped in to buy some of these domains, which would allow them to have:

instead of

Now, colour me skeptical but surely they’d be just as well off using a subdomain along the lines of:

which would cost them the grand price of utterly bugger all, with the added bonus of not confusing an already overly-befuddled system?

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