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Shut the fuck up you inbred ginger wankers

You’d think the world was ending. Or someone was trying to import cocaine in a “buy one ounce get one free” frenzy, but no it’s simply a ferry sailing on a Sunday.

To the pathetic, selfish fuckers who signed the petition and strung tape up to try and stop an umpteen-ton sailing vessel – fuck off. If you don’t want to catch the ferry… don’t fucking go down to the dock. What bloody difference does it make if it turns up?

Don’t like it? Don’t fucking use it. Worried about the temptation that may wash over you to *gasp* go somewhere and not spend the day worshipping some figment of your imagination? Well, you’re a shit christian then, aren’t you?

Get a grip. Get a life. Stop trying to force your ludicrous beliefs on the sensible members of the world’s population.

I’m so glad I don’t believe in Hell coz I’d be going straight there.

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