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Why blame the police?

A woman was killed when a stolen car, chased by police, ploughed through her and her two children in South Shields. And now the police are launching an enquiry to see if the officer involved was at fault.

Why on earth are they trying to see if the police did anything wrong? If the piece of shit who stole the car (carjacked, in fact, threatening the owner with a weapon) hadn’t done so, or had given up then nothing would have happened. What are the police meant to do? Just let them drive off and assume they’ll catch them later once they stop for a packet of fags?

Fuck’s sake. I pity the family that’s lost a mother and my heart goes out to the children who are still in a worrying condition. However, I’m sure they’re not looking to blame the police, although I know far too many people will jump at the chance to point fingers if they think it’ll mean a cash payout.

I await the thieving scum in the car trying to get compensation for his injuries from the police. If that’s the case, may I suggest they make it worth his while and kick the cunt’s fucking head in. Then throw him down some stairs. Then use a Black and Decker on his kneecaps.

For starters.

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