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A note on MySpace and web page design

Simple tip – “less is more”.

I guess I have to explain that further. Just because MySpace defaults to a full-screen pagesize (fucking stupid in its own right) does not mean you have to start shoving down every fucking meme you’ve ever done, high-res scans of your top 3000 DVDs, links to every bastard cunting video you’ve ever watched on YouTube and photos of your 2 “real” friends and 197 useless wanktards you’ve met on MySpace.

Incidentally, this goes for bands and companies who’ve opted to use MySpace as a cheap fucker’s way of having a web page. It looks like shit – you look like shit. Pay someone real money to do a proper page instead of feeding that little troll in the shipping department free beer to whack a load of shite up on MySpace and think this is acceptable.

Fuck’s sake. Wankers.

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